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Sexual misconduct

The Salvation Army is committed to providing environments where individuals are treated with respect and dignity and where unwelcome or unacceptable sexual behaviour is prohibited.

Please see our processes below about how to make a complaint about sexual misconduct. Sexual misconduct includes sexual harassment and unwelcome sexual behaviour.  It is our policy to take steps to prevent all forms of sexual misconduct wherever possible. You can expect us to act in accordance with the procedures outlined in our policy.  If you have concerns, please contact us as this will help us ensure that we are offering appropriate environments.

How to make a sexual misconduct complaint:

  1. The person making the complaint should initially use these informal procedures if appropriate.
  2. If this process fails, or if the person making the complaint believes that this process is unsuitable they may use the formal process set out in this policy., or if they are an employee, they may utilise the procedures detailed in the Employment Relations Act or the Human Rights Act.
  3. Complaints should be addressed to the responsible leader—the person responsible for disciplining the officer or employee. Some examples of Responsible leaders include:
  • Secretary for Social Programme or National Manager for officers and employees in specialised Programme activities.
  • Divisional Commander for employees and officers in Divisional Headquarters, Corps and Community Ministries.
  • Territorial Secretary for Personnel for officers and employees in Territorial Headquarters, Divisional Commanders and Divisional Directors of Women’s Organisations.
  • Territorial Commander for officers of the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel and above, and the Territorial Secretary for Personnel.

To get contact details of any of these leaders please contact us.