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Criminal sexual behaviour

The Salvation Army is committed to providing environments where individuals are treated with respect and dignity and where unwelcome and unacceptable sexual behaviour is prohibited.

Please see our processes below about how to make a complaint about criminal sexual behaviour, and the process you can expect us to follow.


  1. Allegations or complaints should be communicated in the first instance to the Territorial Secretary for Personnel. Please address any complaint of alleged historical child sexual abuse offence (where the victim is now an adult) to the Territorial Secretary for Personnel  for investigation.
  2. Wherever criminal sexual behaviour is alleged, we encourage the complainant to make a complaint to the Police.
  3. The Salvation Army will assist the Police in any criminal investigation or prosecution. The Salvation Army acknowledges that the Police and Child, Youth and Family are the only groups with statutory duty and the necessary legal powers to fully investigate child abuse. The Salvation Army will not assume responsibility beyond its expertise.