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Management Structure

Throughout The Salvation Army each country (or cluster of countries) is structured as a 'territory' or a 'command'.

Territorial Headquarters

Throughout The Salvation Army each country (or cluster of countries) is structured as a 'territory' or a 'command', with one person appointed territorial/command leader by the General.

The leader (territorial commander) of The Salvation Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga is Commissioner Robert Donaldson. He took up his appointment in November 2013. Second in command is Colonel Willis Howell.

The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory has its territorial headquarters in Wellington, New Zealand.

Management structure

Operating under the Territorial Commander is the Cabinet, a centralised management team. An extended form of the Cabinet is the Territorial Coordination Council, which provides further leadership.

A number of regionally-based management operations direct the localised work of the Army in New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

There are also three nationally-managed social service programmes: Addictions, Supportive Accommodation and Reintegration Services (managed from Auckland), Education and Employment (managed from Wellington) and HomeCare (managed from Hamilton).

Cabinet members

Commissioner Robert Donaldson
(Territorial Commander)

Commissioner Janine Donaldson
(Territorial President of Women's Ministries)




Colonels Willis and Barbara Howell

Colonel Willis Howell
(Chief Secretary)

Colonel Barbara Howell
(Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries)





Yousaf Ghulam and and Rebecca Yousaf

Lt. Colonel Yousaf Ghulam
(Assistant Chief Secretary)

Lt. Colonel Rebecca Yousaf
(Assistant Territorial Secretary for Women’s Ministries)





Lieut-Colonel Lynette Hutson

Lieut-Colonel Lynette Hutson
(Territorial Secretary for Business Adminstration)






Lieut-Colonel Rod Carey

Lieut-Colonel Rod Carey
(Territorial Secretary for Programme)






Lieut-Colonel Jenny Carey


Lieut-Colonel Jenny Carey
(Asst. Territorial Secretary for Programme)





Captain Gerry Walker

Captain Gerry Walker 
(Territorial Secretary for Personnel)






 Major Lorraine LePine
 (Asst. Territorial Secretary for Personnel)






Major David Bateman
(Territorial Financial Secretary)




International Headquarters

The Salvation Army's International Headquarters is in London, UK. This is the base for the Army's international leader, the General.

General Andre Cox

General André Cox is the 20th General of The Salvation Army. he took office in August 2013.