Papakura Corps Building


Papakura Corps

Come worship and serve with us. Our work is fuelled by our worship - church services that feed the soul and cultivate compassion. And there's a place for you.

Service time(s): Sunday @ 10am

87-91 Clevedon Road,
Phone: (09) 299 6791

Family Stores

69 O'Shannessey Street,
Papakura, Auckland
Phone: (09) 298 9485

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 9am - 4.45pm
Sat: 9am - 2.45pm

Social services


Food and social assistance and advocacy is available from our office. We are open from 10am - 12pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Please contact us at:

Papakura Corps
87-91 Clevedon Road,
Papakura, Auckland
Phone: (09) 299 6791 or (09) 298 4581
Email: Papakura Corps


There is a Bridge programme in the Papakura area. This provides a safe, integrated, high-quality treatment service for people whose lives have been affected by the harmful use of, or dependency on, alcohol or drugs. Please contact us at:

Manukau Bridge
16b Bakerfield Place,
Manukau City, South Auckland
Phone: (09) 261 0887
Email: Manukau Bridge

Auckland Bridge Recovery Church
15 Ewington Avenue,
Mt Eden, Auckland
Phone: Fiona or Rance on 09 6301491 extension 34517 or 34515. 
Email: Fiona Stuart or Rance Stuart

Recovery Church Services:  7.00pm Tuesday, 10.00am Sunday.

There is also an Oasis centre for problem gambling in the Auckland area. This centre offers free consultation and rehabilitation programmes for problem gamblers, partners of gamblers and affected family members. Please contact us at:

Auckland Oasis
16B Bakerfield Place,
Manukau, Auckland
Phone: (09) 638 0801
Email: Sue Hohaia


Epsom Lodge provides 12 weeks emergency and transitional housing for men and women. Support and aftercare provided. :

Epsom Lodge
18 Margot Street,
Epsom, Auckland
Phone: (09) 524 0252 or (09) 524 7379
E-mail: Epsom Lodge

Education & Employment

There is an Education & Employment centre in the Auckland area. This centre offers a wide range of fully-accredited courses. Please contact us at:

Royal Oak Centre
691 Mt Albert Rd
Auckland 1023
Phone: (09) 639 1153


Please contact our Papakura office to find out details of our services for seniors.

Papakura Corps
87-91 Clevedon Road,
Papakura, Auckland
Phone: (09) 299 6791 or (09) 298 4581
Email: Papakura Corps

Youth & Children

Papakura Corps runs various programmes for youth and children. Theses include pre-school age music and movement. Please contact our office for more details:

Phone: (09) 299 6791 or (09) 298 4581

Courts & Prisons

Court and Prison chaplaincy services are available in the Auckland area. Please contact us at:

Auckland Court and Prison Services
Phone: (09) 639 1137