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Post-prison support


The Salvation Army Reintegration Services is for offenders who do not have or cannot organise appropriate housing for their release from prison. 

The Salvation Army will assess the referral with the aim to rent a property to the offender (for up to 90 days) AND assist with their safe and supported reintegration into the community.

You are eligible for assessment by The Salvation Army if:

  • you have served a sentence of over two years AND
  • you have no suitable accommodation arranged when due for release AND
  • you are released in an area where The Salvation Army operates this service AND
  • you have a number of high-level reintegration needs in your sentence plan; AND
  • you are motivated to participate in the service and live an offence-free lifestyle.

The Reintegration Supported Accommodation Service is different from Community Residential Centres in many ways. The most obvious difference is that offenders are not housed communally, nor is there 24-hour supervision. Offenders who participate in the service will reside in one-bedroom units and will receive at least weekly visits by The Salvation Army Reintegration Supported Accommodation Service to assist with their reintegration needs and work toward the goal of moving to more permanent accommodation.   

There are three services that you may qualify for:

1: Supported Accommodation for long servers* (RSLS – Supported Accommodation); accommodation and one-on-one support for up to 90 days.

2: Navigation for long servers* (RSLS – Navigation); navigational support service connecting you to resources in your community to support your positive reintegration on release for up to one month, on release, for long servers.

*Sentences of two or more years

3: Emergency Accommodation; accommodation for up to six nights with support to find longer term accommodation.

Reintegration Services Locations

Call 0800 53 00 00, or
Invercargill -
Wellington -
Christchurch -
Napier -
Palmerston North -
Gisborne -
New Plymouth -