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Supportive accommodation

Epsom Lodge supportive accommodation

Some of the people who walk through the front doors of Salvation Army centres have been living on the street, in prison, or in short-term accommodation that's no longer available.

You may have fallen through society's cracks, but these centres can be your safety net; communities where the activities of daily life are finally possible.

If you need shelter and help to get your life back on track please contact us directly. We will do our best to help you with your integration back into the community.

Support available at Salvation Army supportive accommodation

Our centres don't just put a roof over your head, they give you the support you need to reach your potential level of independence.

Depending on the location, the services we provide can include:

  • medical care and supervision
  • health clinics
  • budget advice and counselling
  • chapel services and recovery church
  • recreational activities
  • job-search assistance
  • computer lessons

Staying at one of our centres does not 'fix' all of your problems, but it does give you an environment where you can begin to overcome significant challenges and make positive lifestyle changes.



Epsom Lodge - for men, women and young men
Phone: (09) 524 0252


Addington - for men
Phone: (03) 338 5154