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Youth housing

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The Inn, Sanctuary House and Epsom Lodge are transitional homes which provide supervised emergency accommodation—The Inn and Epsom Lodge for young men and Sanctuary House for young women.

If you are a young person (ages 15-23) in need of emergency accommodation, employment or other kinds of assistance, please read about the services offered at the transitional homes and contact us to see if we can help you.

Download the Wellington Youth Services Transistional Housing Referral Form (PDF, 133KB)

What happens during your stay

The programme works towards long-term results rather than just providing you with short-term accommodation. Your stay can range from 4-6 weeks before you move to something more permanent, after you get on your feet.

During your time, you work alongside a daytime case worker in areas of need such as gaining employment and long term accommodation. This is achieved by learning basic life skills like:

  • cooking
  • budgeting
  • CV preparation
  • job searching
  • training
  • flat hunting

In addition to learning these life skills, you’ll receive support in other areas in which you may need assistance, such as family, the courts, WINZ, etc.

How Youth Housing can help out in special circumstances

Alongside the Courts, we can assist youth with bail conditions and community service requirements.

We refer serious cases involving drugs and alcohol to the Bridge Programme or other suitable agencies.

We accept youth through referrals from The Salvation Army Community Ministries, Courts, Police, churches and many other agencies.

Contact us

For more information regarding how we might help you, please contact:

The Inn: (04) 389 0594
Sanctuary House: (04) 389 0594
Email: Transitional Housing