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Drugs & Alcohol

What other addictions can The Salvation Army help with?

The Salvation Army’s problem gambling service provides free, confidential treatment. This is an outpatient service that includes counselling as you move from crisis to recovery, work with your family and whānau, and group work. Find your nearest centre, or phone 0800 654 655 for the Gambling Helpline.

What sorts of people will be there?

People from all walks of life attend the our programme. It is for anyone who is adversely affected by their use of drugs and alcohol.

What will I be doing at the programme?

Our programme is based on your individual needs, and we’ll work with you as well as with your family and whānau, on the best treatment plan for you. At the centre, you’ll do a mixture of group work, individual counselling and the 12 Steps towards recovery. You’ll receive a range of help with things like:
• drug and alcohol education
• strategies to reduce harm from drugs and alcohol
• dealing with emotions
• communication and relationships
• problem-solving and coping strategies
• principles for maintaining your recovery
• spiritual and cultural self-awareness
• life-skills and employment training

How long is the treatment, and do I live-in or come for the day?

Generally the residential programme is eight weeks long. This means that you will stay in our accommodation and attend the programme during the day. In some centres you can also come for day treatment, and the length of time will vary—call your local centre to find out about options in your area. Some centres provide residential treatment for parents who have young children, with a Parent and Child programme working alongside the regular programme. In addition to the longer treatment programme, a six-day methamphetamine detoxification service is also offered in some centres.

How much does it cost?

The treatment programme is free for anyone who is eligible. *Conditions apply for residential services.

How can I get help?

Simply contact your local Salvation Army Centre for information; or find your nearest Salvation Army addictions services centre; or call 0800 787 797 Alcohol Helpline or, for a service directory You may also be referred to us by another agency. Our caseworkers will assess you and your needs, to work out the best way for you to get the help you need.

What help can I get help for drug and alcohol addiction?

The Salvation Army has 14 treatment centres around the country, providing free, confidential help for anyone struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The programme will give you the opportunity to evaluate your alcohol or drug use and explore ways to bring things under control again. You will be supported, challenged and encouraged to make positive changes in your life.