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Affected by someone else's gambling?

Sometimes someone else’s gambling can affect the health and well-being of others. The gambling behaviour is often hidden and unexpected, while its effects can be confusing, stressful and long-lasting.  To help us identify if this is a factor in your own well-being could you answer the questions below to the best of your ability.

COGS Screen

  1. Do you think you have been affected by someone else's gambling?
    - No, never (you need not continue further)
    - I don't know for sure
    - Yes, in the past
    - Yes, that's happening to me now
  2. How would you describe the effect of that person's gambling on you now? (identify one or more)
    - I'm uncertain
    - I worry about it sometimes
    - I am nervous about it
    - It is affecting my health
    - It is hard to talk with anyone about it
    - I am concerned about my or my family's safety
    - It doesn't affect me anymore
  3. When I think about it, gambling has sometimes caused me problems. (identify one or more)
    - I would like some information
    - I would like to talk about it in confidence with someone
    - I would like some support or help
    - Nothing at this stage

Scoring Guide:

This is an awareness-raising questionnaire that allows a person affected by another's gambling to indicate what assistance they desire. Problem gambling centres work with the person affected by gambling as fully and seriously as the gamblers themselves.

  • A 'Yes' to any one of the last three responses to the first question identifies that the person may be adversely affected by another's gambling.
  • Question two provides an opportunity for the person to think of ways in which they are currently affected by the gambling of someone close to them.
  • Responses to question three can be followed up as necessary through contacting one of our centres.

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COGS (Concerned Others' Gambling Screen)
Developed by Dr Sean Sullivan, Abacus Counselling & Training Services Ltd,