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A room with a view

The view Alex looks out onto today is in stark contrast to his previous accommodation – a small, windowless basement without room to even stand up straight.

Bringing Family Together

When the O’Rourkes enlisted the help of The Salvation Army’s Family Tracing Service to help answer some long-standing questions, they got more than they could ever wish for—a whole ‘new’ family in their lives.

Youth Guarantee career profiling

Antonia's Bright Future

Hi, I’m Antonia, and I love to help people! I’m hoping to do this as a job so I’m studying Social Development at Unitec!
E&E is so much more than just credits and qualifications! I developed life skills, built confidence and this time in my life was where I grew the most as a person!

Youth Guarantee career profiling

Jonathan's Bright Future

Hi, I’m Jonathan, and I’m well on track to working in the tourism industry and travelling the world.
The Service Sector programme at E&E gave me the skills needed to do well in the hospitality industry. Opportunities in this industry, hospo and tourism, are endless and can take you wherever you want to go.

Youth Guarantee careers profiling

Caleb's Bright Future

“Hi, I’m Caleb, and I’m well on track to achieving my goal of becoming self-employed.
Working in the booming building industry has been a dream come true. Studying at E&E gave me the start I needed to move onto a building apprenticeship and into my current job.”

Mother and her daughter (stock photo)

I decided to make a change

Natalie thought she’d miss alcohol forever. But more than two years later, life is better than it’s ever been.

National Youth Award for Transformed Youth Worker

A youth worker’s transformation and passion to give back was honoured with a national award.

Congratulations 2016 Youth Guarantee Graduates!

Congratulations 2016 Youth Guarantee graduates! All the best for the future!

Kiwi Next Generation – in practice

Kiwi Next Generation – in practice

One of our female students here at the Dunedin centre, on the automotive programme, has just completed her Employment Skills certificate - against all odds.