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A Heart to Give

Anna struggled with mounting debt for years before asking The Salvation Army for help. Now she does everything she can to give back some of what she’s been given.

Anna came to The Salvation Army four years ago for help with her family budget. As a solo mum Anna was struggling to make ends meet, finding school expenses, winter clothing and other daily needs too costly.

‘I needed help with my budgeting,’ says Anna. ‘Things like school camps were unaffordable to me. I would rather have food on the table, and these things add up.’

Anna met with a budgeting advisor at her local Salvation Army Community Ministries who helped her create a strict but achievable plan.

‘I hadn’t realised that the Sallies could help me like this,’ she says. ‘The budget advisor helped me make a budget that fits our needs, making sure that we can make it work each week.’

Astounded at how the Sallies were able to help her, Anna began helping others. She volunteered during Christmas, sorting toys and food for families in her area and referred at least seven other women to meet with a budgeting advisor. Anna also worked in the food bank, handing out food parcels and giving advice on how to make family-friendly, healthy meals with the food provided.

Empowered by a heightened sense of community Anna then offered the back yard of her home as a community garden to supplement the food parcels with fresh fruit and vegetables.

‘The Sallies just helped me in so many ways—I wanted to give back,’ she says. ‘All I could give back was my back lawn, and all I am is the water sprinkler, but this is definitely a start.’

With help from the local council, Salvation Army Community Ministries, and Bunnings Warehouse, the garden became home to 12 plots and over 300 plants, all of which are used by the Sallies for healthier, fresher food parcels.

‘I have no idea about plants,’ says Anna, ‘but I like being able to give people a little something extra. I know where people are coming from—I’ve done the hard times! But now I know that The Sallies can help. I want other people to come to know that too.’

It’s all about ‘Community’ and the Sallies whole-heartedly support, and wish to thank, all those who want to give back to their community after being helped themselves.