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Did You Know?

The Salvation Army’s heritage is one of innovation and dedication in sharing the love of God with people through word and deed.  That’s well known around the world, but there might be a lot you don’t know about us. Here’s a few fascinating facts …

Child dedication

30 Apr | 2010

The Salvation Army believes children are a gift from God and this is reflected in the biblically-based custom of child dedication, an integral part of Salvation Army practice and theology.

Isle of Problem and Prospect

23 Apr | 2010

For ninety-five years The Salvation Army's Rotoroa Island offered a haven of tranquillity and therapy for inebriates in New Zealand.

The Salvation Army Crest

26 Feb | 2010

The symbolism of The Salvation Army crest is as follows:

Dr Thomas N. Rive (1920-1978)

19 Feb | 2010

Dr. Rive's two Festival Series selections for brass band "I know a Fount" and "Pilgrim Song" brought him world renown.

Salvation and the sea

12 Feb | 2010

Government support in the 1920s gave The Salvation Army the chance to implement William Booth's Darkest England migration scheme.

A Ministry of Song

28 Jan | 2010

The past 25 years have seen significant changes in the ministry of music within the Salvation Army in New Zealand.

Overseas Service

22 Jan | 2010

From the year 1906, when our first missionary Annie Smyth headed to Japan, New Zealand Salvationists have been carrying their deep gladness to the world.

Salvation and the Land

15 Jan | 2010

Farming has been and continues to be an important Salvation Army activity.

The Family Store

18 Dec | 2009

The first recorded Salvation Army thrift shop in New Zealand was operating at the Addington Men's Home, Christchurch in 1964.