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A Ministry of Song

Several milestones related to music resources occurred during the 1980s and early 1990s. The rapid escalation of Christian music publications made available a range of music to complement our Salvation Army resources. The Salvation Army purchased territory-wide copying licences for both congregational use and performing rights from the Australasian Performing Rights’ Association.

Restriction on Salvation Army music being purchased and used by non-Salvation Army musicians was lifted by International Headquarters in 1992. This, along with permission granted for Salvationist band members to join other bands, drew a positive response from community musicians.

Music resources also expanded as territories were encouraged to produce their own material rather than depend on publishers at International Headquarters. This territory not only accessed valuable resources through Australia and the USA, but also published music written by New Zealanders. A notable example of this was the instrumental series ‘New Direction’ produced by Mark Stone.

Salvationists who were focused on reaching unchurched people saw the need to use music that would relate to them. There was an increase in the number of music teams as accompanying groups for contemporary songs.