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Did You Know?

The Salvation Army’s heritage is one of innovation and dedication in sharing the love of God with people through word and deed.  That’s well known around the world, but there might be a lot you don’t know about us. Here’s a few fascinating facts …

Heart to God, Hand to Man

11 Dec | 2009

Since its inception, The Salvation Army has shown practical Christianity in its service to others during emergencies.

Wesleyan Methodism

4 Dec | 2009

Wesleyan Methodism strongly influenced both William and Catherine Booth and the movement they founded, The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army Training College

19 Nov | 2009

Over the years, Salvation Army officer training has changed dramatically, from virtually no training to an intensive two-year diploma.

Why we wear a uniform

12 Nov | 2009

Salvationists wear uniforms to signify their availability to anyone in need, and their commitment to their Christian faith.

First Auckland Open-air Meeting

6 Nov | 2009

Captain Wright held Auckland's first Salvation Army meeting on Friday 13th in their first hall in Albert Street.

Promoted to Glory

1 Nov | 2009

'Promoted to Glory' is the term used in The Salvation Army to describe the death of a Salvationist.

Women in Ministry

22 Oct | 2009

The Salvation Army allowed women not only to preach but also to hold office in a time when this was frowned upon.


15 Oct | 2009

In keeping with its military style, Salvation Army prayer meetings, often held early on Sunday morning, are called kneedrills.

Edward Wright

8 Oct | 2009

Edward Wright was one of the first two founding officers of the Salvation Army, New Zealand.