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Did You Know?

The Salvation Army’s heritage is one of innovation and dedication in sharing the love of God with people through word and deed.  That’s well known around the world, but there might be a lot you don’t know about us. Here’s a few fascinating facts …

Albert and Sarah Burfoot

2 Oct | 2009

Albert and Sarah Burfoot played a significant pioneering role around New Zealand, including the first open-air meeting.

Why 'The Salvation Army'?

27 Sep | 2009

The Salvation Army was 'The Christian Mission' for nine years of its early ministry, until William Booth changed the name.

The Bridge Programme

18 Sep | 2009

The Bridge Programme, for individuals with alcohol and drug addiction, began in 1959.

The 'Flying Brigade'

10 Sep | 2009

In the early days, The Salvation Army would send a group of people (called the Flying Brigade) into country areas where there were no corps to hold meetings and visit the residents.

George Arthur Pollard

3 Sep | 2009

George Arthur Pollard was one of the first officers sent to New Zealand by William Booth.

The 'Cycling Major'

28 Aug | 2009

Major Elsie Ward was a well-loved retired Salvation Army Officer in Levin, known to many as the 'Cycling Major'.

Alexander Matthews

23 Aug | 2009

Alexander Matthews left a well-paid position to become the first officer commissioned in New Zealand in 1883.

Commissioner Dean Goffin Knighted

14 Aug | 2009

Commissioner Dean Goffin was awarded the honour of Knight Bachelor on the Queen's Birthday Honours list in 1983.

Hallelujah magazine

7 Aug | 2009

The story of The Salvation Army in the Western South Pacific is still unfolding, but a glorious past is being captured in the regular magazine, Hallelujah!, now in its second year.