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Did You Know?

The Salvation Army’s heritage is one of innovation and dedication in sharing the love of God with people through word and deed.  That’s well known around the world, but there might be a lot you don’t know about us. Here’s a few fascinating facts …

A World Vision

31 Jul | 2009

The word 'foreign' was long ago banned from Salvation Army terminology.

Aggressive Christianity Conventions

24 Jul | 2009

Salvation Army Aggressive Christianity Conventions were held annually from 1986 to 1996.

Officership Trends

17 Jul | 2009

For much of the Army's history, nearly all its full-time staff were officers.

Salvation Army Slogans

10 Jul | 2009

Over the years, a number of Salvation Army keywords and phrases have become iconic, helping to define the Army's mission.

The Salute

26 Jun | 2009

The Salvation Army salute is given by pointing upwards with the index finger of the right hand.

Officer Training

19 Jun | 2009

The shift to Upper Hutt meant a change in focus of Salvation Army officer training - from the inner city to a suburban setting.

Technology has changed the face of many Sunday services

29 May | 2009

The Internet has such a wealth of information that entire teaching series can be downloaded.

The Changing Face of Community Ministries

22 May | 2009

In the decades prior to the 1980s, the delivery of Salvation Army social services was mainly from an institutional base and often available only in larger population centres.

Soup, Soap and Salvation

15 May | 2009

'Soup, Soap and Salvation' may sound a simplistic motto, but it addresses the heart of human need and is embedded into the fabric of Salvation Army mission and motivation.