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Did You Know?

The Salvation Army’s heritage is one of innovation and dedication in sharing the love of God with people through word and deed.  That’s well known around the world, but there might be a lot you don’t know about us. Here’s a few fascinating facts …

All Things to All Men

8 May | 2009

When the Apostle Paul urged his Corinthian followers to become all things to all men, he would have had no concept that one day an international organisation called The Salvation Army would do just that.

Brigadier Annie Smyth

1 May | 2009

One of New Zealand's most dedicated Salvation Army officers is still the subject of an unsolved murder mystery over 60 years after her death.

Salvation Jane

24 Apr | 2009

The Salvation Army is linked to Australian rock band INXS.

An Army Needs an Ambulance Corps

17 Apr | 2009

A newly released book, 'An Army Needs an Ambulance Corps', details the history of The Salvation Army's medical services.

Major Annie Gordon

10 Apr | 2009

One of the greatest social workers among women and girls that New Zealand has known is Major Annie Gordon.

Danger and Discomfort

27 Mar | 2009

In the late 19th century, women travelled by foot or horse and by coastal steamers through surging seas to spread the Gospel.

Suva Central Corps

20 Mar | 2009

When Fiji celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 1983 there were four corps including the Suva Central Corps.

Fairview Girls and Women's Hostel

13 Mar | 2009

The Fairview Girls and Women's Hostel opened at Wellington, New Zealand in 1928.

Kim Lock

5 Mar | 2009

In 1925 Kim Lock, later to be martyred in China, was enrolled as a soldier at Wellington City Corps.