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Photo Memories

We’d like to share some of our best photographic memories with you. We hope this will educate as well as inspire interest in the preservation of photographic memorabilia.

Preserving the past through photography

The Archives & Museum welcomes donations of photographs of historic interest to The Salvation Army. When submitting photographs for our collection provide as much accurate background information as possible.

Record names, where the photo was taken, the date and the occasion on the back of the photograph. Please use a pencil (not a ballpoint pen) as chemicals from the ink will damage the photo.

Take care handling and storing your photos. If you take care of your precious historical memories they will be appreciated by generations to come.


2005 - A Year for Children and Youth

22 Jan | 2010

Central Division 2followjesus camp, 2005.

guards badge

To Save and to Serve

8 Jan | 2010

The Life Saving Scouts Badge

life-saving scouts

Life-saving Scouts

18 Dec | 2009

St Albans Life-saving Scouts, 1930s.

Guards Troop

Guards Troop

11 Dec | 2009

Christchurch City Corps Guards Troop 1943

Wellington scouts

Life Saving Scouts

4 Dec | 2009

Wellington City Life Saving Scouts, 1921.

Christchurch Emergency Services

Christchurch Emergency Services

20 Nov | 2009

The Salvation Army Emergency Services exercise, Christchurch.

Emergency Services in Rotorua

Emergency Services in Rotorua

12 Nov | 2009

Major Sam Medland serving refreshments at a fire in Rotorua c1983.

Emergency personnel in Wellington

Emergency personnel in Wellington

6 Nov | 2009

Major David Bennett and Captain Frank King-Turner serving refreshments to Emergency personnel in Wellington.

Lieutenant Geraldine Sinclair

Here to help

1 Nov | 2009

Lieutenant Geraldine Sinclair serving a cuppa to a fireman at a Masterton timber yard fire, c1958.