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Photo Memories

We’d like to share some of our best photographic memories with you. We hope this will educate as well as inspire interest in the preservation of photographic memorabilia.

Preserving the past through photography

The Archives & Museum welcomes donations of photographs of historic interest to The Salvation Army. When submitting photographs for our collection provide as much accurate background information as possible.

Record names, where the photo was taken, the date and the occasion on the back of the photograph. Please use a pencil (not a ballpoint pen) as chemicals from the ink will damage the photo.

Take care handling and storing your photos. If you take care of your precious historical memories they will be appreciated by generations to come.

Putaruru Farm award winners, 1961

Putaruru Training Farm

25 Dec | 2008

Putaruru Training Farm educated young men in various aspects of farming, preparing them for a farming career.

Salvation Army officer handing out Christmas goodies

Christmas Cheer

18 Dec | 2008

Staff-Captain and Mrs Brown load the car with Christmas goodies to give the community, Wanganui, 1931-32.

Salvation Army worker bathing a young child at The Nest

The Nest Children's Home

12 Dec | 2008

The Nest children's home played 'mum' and 'dad' to many children who did not have a suitable home environment.



4 Dec | 2008

Timbrels (tambourines) used by The Salvation Army have a biblical origin - prophetess Miriam and friends use them in Exodus 15:20.

Aboard local transport, Egypt: Few chaplains in the New Zealand military forces were better known than Major Alfred Greene

Chaplain Alfred Greene

27 Nov | 2008

Aboard local transport, Egypt: Few chaplains in the New Zealand military forces were better known than Major Alfred Greene (right)

Wellington Citadel Band marches through the streets of Hiroshima, Japan, during their November 2007 visit

Brass Bands Still Going Strong!

21 Nov | 2008

In November 2007 the Wellington Citadel Band (WCB) made their third tour of Japan.

Florence Booth Girls' Home

Florence Booth Girl's Home

13 Nov | 2008

A dormitory at the Children's Home for abandoned and orphaned girls.

John Pattinson's Bible

John Pattinson's Bible

6 Nov | 2008

John William Pattinson - killed in the 1896 Brunner Coalmine disaster, was found with his charred bible open on his knee.

Norman Bicknell

Norman Bicknell

30 Oct | 2008

Norman Bicknell was a well regarded chaplain during World War II and remained in the Military Chaplaincy until his retirement.