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Officer Training

Heralds of Grace (2013-2014) training session of cadets
The major focus of Booth College of Mission is that of training Salvation Army officers.

A Salvation Army officer is a soldier who has responded to a calling from God to devote all their time and energies to the service of God.

Booth College of Mission seeks to prepare people who know God, know themselves and know their mission. officer training is all about discovering what a person needs to know, what they need to do and who they need to be in order to be the best they can be as they outwork their calling through officership. 

Training is based around three distinct elements:

  • Discipleship Formation
  • Theological Formation and Biblical Understanding
  • Mission and Ministry Formation

Is God calling you to Salvation Army Officership?

The need for Officers has never been greater! 

One Life: Make it Count

‘If God is calling you to become a Salvation Army officer, you will never find any peace or power till you become one.  Never!  Oh but, you say, I don’t know what He will want next.  No, we none of us know that, but we know that we shall be safe in His hands.’  - Catherine Booth

Register Your Interest

God will confirm if He is calling you to officership in a number ways. God may speak to you through Scripture, through His Holy Spirit, or through people and circumstances.

Application Process

The application process gives time and space for God’s will to be tested and confirmed through a series of interviews, assessments, character references and a police background check. The Candidates Department will support you as you explore God’s call on your life.

Express your interest by speaking to your Divisional Candidates Secretary or phone 04 382 0764; email Candidates.

Officership Training

Once you’ve completed the application process and been accepted for training as a cadet, the usual requirement is two years of residential training at Booth College of Mission, which has campuses in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, and Suva, Fiji. Cadets from Tonga, train in Fiji.

Salvation Army officer training comprises theological and biblical study, practical ministry involvement, spiritual formation and leadership development.

Commissioning and Appointing

Ordination and commissioning take place on successful completion of training. New officers are commissioned with the rank of ‘lieutenant’ and receive their first appointment (which will have been previously notified).

Consultation occurs prior to appointing, taking care to fit officers into appropriate roles. Appointment type and length are as varied as the officers themselves and the skills and giftings they possess.  

All officers are reviewed annually and encouraged to continue to develop their skills through further study and training options.

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Following The Call - Andy Westrupp

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