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Short Courses

The Centre for Leadership Development offers a short course programme, designed to target specific leadership skills or issues.

Please find below the Centre for Leadership Development 2016 short course programme.  We would love to have you and/or your leaders - current or emerging - join us for one of our courses. All courses held at BCM unless specified otherwise.

Note that our CLD Travel Policy has changed for 2016. Read about the changes and download a full copy of the travel policy here.

5-8 April:  Foundations for Community Ministries

Foundations for Community Ministries - The Heart and Helping Hand of The Salvation Army.   This course is designed for anyone working within Community Ministries—whether you’re experienced or new to your role, paid or a volunteer—including community workers, budget advisers, food bank workers, seniors ministries, drop-in helpers, welfare workers, advocates, administrators … and more.

Content will include:
    - Models of practice: working in a strengths-based way to empower your clients
    - Self-awareness: knowing how your own culture and background informs your practice
    - Safe Practice: ethics, boundaries and effective supervision
    - Communication: effective listening and communicating skills
    - Practical skills: record keeping, privacy, and working with SAMIS
    - The mission: your role within the beliefs and mission of The Salvation Army

Download the Foundations for Commmunity Ministries Brochure (PDF, 291KB)
Download the Foundations for Commmunity Ministries Rego Form (PDF, 65KB)

19-21 April:  C-Squared (Connecting & Communicating)

C-Squared is a new intensive three day course that will help you to make every communication opportunity strategic and effective. No matter if you're communicating to funders, peers, congregations or online this course will help you to discover not only what is being heard when you communicate but how you can make your message unforgettable.

Through workshop based processes, video feedback and personalised coaching, this course will teach you how to communicate to connect effectively in the 21st Century.

Download the C-Squared Rego Form (PDF, 68KB)

26-28 April: Family Store Managers Training

This short course has been designed to introduce Family Store Managers to the skills and knowledge that they will need to be a good store manager in The Salvation Army. Places on the course are allocated by Divisions, so be in touch with your Divisional Family Stores Consultant if this is a course that you think would benefit you.

9-11 May: Learning & Development Conference

This will be a time to get together all of those within the Salvation Army in New Zealand who have a responsibility for learning and development, to network, learn and discuss a coordinated way forward. Contact BCM for more information if you are interested in attending this conference.

30 May - 2 June:  Brengle Holiness Institute for Local Leaders

Local leaders are at the heart of our movement.

This course is for local leaders involved in leadership at a Corps or Centre. We will explore what holiness means in your everyday life and for your leadership.

Through times of sharing, teaching, prayer and working together with delegates and staff you will explore holiness and leadership from Biblical, historical and practical perspectives. Starting on the evening of Friday 3 June, and concluding with a covenant service on Monday 6 June  (Queens Birthday), the Brengle Holiness Institute has proven to be a significant spiritual milestone for many.

Download the Brengle Holiness brochure (PDF, 391KB)

Download the Brengle Holiness Registration form (PDF, 64KB)

5-8 July:  Foundations for Chaplaincy

The Foundations for Chaplaincy Course is an introduction to the basic skills, practices, philosophies and understandings which form the foundations for practice as a chaplain in various Salvation Army contexts.

Content will include:
    - How to support and empower clients, including how to access a range of resources
    - Communication- how to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues
    - A personal philosophy of chaplaincy in relation to The Salvation Army
Selection criteria apply. Contact us to find out more.

Download the Foundations for Chaplaincy Brochure (PDF, 287KB)
Download the Foundations for Chaplaincy Rego Form (PDF, 66KB)

2-3 August:  Leadership Essentials

No matter where you’re at – Leadership Essentials is a new course that has been designed to strengthen how you lead. Building on from Foundations of Leadership, Leadership Essentials will help you to become:
    - A strategist who asks the right questions
    - A coach who builds people up
    - A critically reflective decision-maker who leads from and with prayer
    - A team player who fosters not only community but a shared responsibility for radical service

Download the Leadership Essentials Rego Form (PDF, 66KB)

12-14 August:  Missional Leadership Hui

More info to follow, or contact BCM for full details.

23-25 August: Re-reading the Scriptures

More info to follow, or contact BCM for full details.

30 August - 1 September: Personal Leadership

More info to follow, or contact BCM for full details.

19-22 September & 18-20 October: 12 Steps

The 12 Steps have been around for over 60 years and offer tools, not just for addicts, but for anyone who wants greater personal and spiritual freedom for themselves or those they minister to.
The model is based on the successful Alcoholics Anonymous programme but specifically developed to be applicable to a range of life issues.  The course is in two parts, both of which must be completed.  (19-22 September & 18-20 October).

Download the 12 Steps Brochure (PDF, 235KB)
Download the 12 Steps Rego Form (PDF, 65KB)

7-9 November: Salvation Army Finance Training 

Do you need an accounting degree to help your Corps or Centre run its finances?  The good news is—you don't!
This course is for Salvation Army treasurers, secretaries, finance administrators, business administrators, corps officers, and volunteers who help with finances at The Salvation Army.
It has been prepared by experts to equip people involved in their corps or centre finances around The Salvation Army's financial procedures and systems.

Download the Financial Training Brochure (PDF, 202KB)
Download the Financial Training Rego Form (PDF, 66KB)

Officer Courses

Booth College of Mission also run a number of courses for officer development. These are for officers only, and attendance is generally by appointment.
Pre-Retirement Seminar: 1-3 March - By invitation
5 Year Officer Review (NZ): 16-19 May - By appointment
10 Year Officer Review (NZ): 20-23 June - By appointment
15 Year Officer Review (NZ): 10-13 October - By appointment
1 Year Officer Review (NZ): 31 October - 3 November - By appointment

Available at Your Place

Talk to CLD about workshops and seminars to be offered at your place. Costs vary depending on length of courses and presenters used.

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