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SpiritSong logoFormed in 1995 as the New Zealand National Songsters, this choral group was rebranded in 2005 as SpiritSong. The group is a vibrant vocal ministry designed to minister to both believers and non-believers.

Members of SpiritSong are drawn from all walks of life. They are not 'professional vocalists', but are involved in various forms of employment, attend school or study at university.

Members must be committed to their local Salvation Army corps (church) and be involved in its music ministry. They come from throughout New Zealand and all desire to serve and worship God through singing. SpiritSong meets for an extended rehearsal weekend once a year and accepts invitations for a maximum of four other weekend visits per year.

Whether in concert or in a Sunday service, SpiritSong seeks to bring an authentic offering of worship to God through their singing.

Presenting a diverse repertoire to cater for all musical tastes and styles, SpiritSong aims to encourage both believers and non-believers alike to connect with Jesus Christ in a personal and meaningful way.

Hear Our Music: 'Testimony'

SpiritSong Testimony CD cover image

Spiritsong is pleased to share its testimony with you in this recoding.

The chosen songs are our real, raw and personal life stories expressed through the words of Songwriters. We share these for one reason; because we are utterly convinced that the God who has transformed our lives in such amazing and profound ways is able to do the same for you.

This is our Living Testimony. Our story of Significance!

CD's are available for purchase at $25 per copy, either through the CMD office or from Salvationist Resources.

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For advice, support or resource enquiries, please contact us at Creative Ministries Department

Phone: +64 4 802 6269 ext 24582

Email: CMD

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