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Women's Ministries

Ministering to Women is about building lives together as equal image-bearers of God.

The Salvation Army as a whole has always sought to have the true value of women fully realised in culture, life and Christian ministry. Our Salvationist history is packed with the efforts of women who have made life-changing differences in their corps, homes and work settings - and so shaped the world.

Won't you join us as Women's Ministries - WM for short - seeks to engage women across culture, empower women within community and ignite women within Christ to pursue the calling to life, healing and wholeness He has designed for each of us.

Wave Makers. World Moulders. Warrior Maidens. We are WM.

Join us online:
  • WM Articles

    Check out our fantastic bloggers who make life a little brighter and clearer with Christ.

  • Pray for me

    Email us (you can do it anonymously if you like) and we together will pray for you.

  • WM Project 2017

    The Salvation Army Women's Ministries Project in 2017 information is here.

  • She Embodies: honouring the women in our lives

    Join our initiative to uplift significant women and mothers in your life with #SheEmbodies

  • #PerSister Card Packs

    #PerSisters are the words of strong women. We want you to have your own copy - check out how!

  • A group of women smiling

    Heralds: Women of The Salvation Army

    WM’s brand new series ‘Heralds’ looks at God’s glory revealed in the everyday stories of women of The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga.

  • Resources

    Browse our compilation of free printables for you to use in your setting.

Contact us

For more information about Women's Ministries, please contact us:

Women's Ministries
Phone: +64 4 802 6269 ext 24033
Email: Women's Ministries