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WM is set on engaging, empowering and igniting women to bring the release and life of Christ to a dying world. We are passionate about gathering together women and men of conviction and purpose who spur us on in our faith. May the articles below capture your heart and strengthen your mind in our pursuit of Jesus and the kingdom of God! Here's to freedom, each. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36.

woman singing

Women's Ministries, celebrations and Fiji!

8 Dec | 2017

Our WM Territorial Secretary Heather Rodwell experienced a beautiful Fijian celebration on her recent visit to our sisters.

friends on a hill

The 'one anothers' to combat loneliness

7 Dec | 2017

The 'one anothers' of the Bible teach us the way to healthy, whole community. Read on to see how we can combat loneliness, together.

two hands by a cup of coffee

Treat yo'self: A few ways of loving myself through mental illness

28 Nov | 2017

Elizabeth takes us through her journey to mental wellness with some simple steps for loving yourself in the middle of the chaos.

two men fighting

New Zealand: The world's most secretly violent nation

24 Nov | 2017

The United Nations and White Ribbon want to do the same thing: Eliminate men's violence against women. Do you?


Spiritual hunger and thirst, or starvation and dehydration?

18 Oct | 2017

We know how to spot physical dehydration and hunger - but what about when our spirit is crying out within us?

Picture of feet on the ground walking

How do I tick the Jesus box?

18 Oct | 2017

Do you ever tick boxes at the bottom of contracts without reading the fine print? Do we do the same as followers of Christ?

Christ the holy hatmaker

11 Oct | 2017

Bonnets may have come and gone, but salvation hats are here to stay.

Child with painted hands

What's with Keeping Children Safe Training?

5 Oct | 2017

Working with children and youth in The Salvation Army means Keeping Children Safe Training... what does that even mean?

A faith that says 'Mountain, you gotta move'.

4 Oct | 2017

Faith can be a hard to pin down concept. Our WM author Tracy looks at what mountain-moving faith may do.