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WM is set on engaging, empowering and igniting women to bring the release and life of Christ to a dying world. We are passionate about gathering together women and men of conviction and purpose who spur us on in our faith. May the articles below capture your heart and strengthen your mind in our pursuit of Jesus and the kingdom of God! Here's to freedom, each. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36.

Christ the holy hatmaker

11 Oct | 2017

Bonnets may have come and gone, but salvation hats are here to stay.

Child with painted hands

What's with Keeping Children Safe Training?

5 Oct | 2017

Working with children and youth in The Salvation Army means Keeping Children Safe Training... what does that even mean?

A faith that says 'Mountain, you gotta move'.

4 Oct | 2017

Faith can be a hard to pin down concept. Our WM author Tracy looks at what mountain-moving faith may do.

Jars wrapped up

Mystery jars making lives better

22 Sep | 2017

The Salvation Army Taupo leads the way with a very creative idea to raise money for WM's Project 2017! Check it out!

Many types of Dad

21 Sep | 2017

What does a good dad look like? Writer Betty ask us to consider fathers of every kind.

Fierce women of faith

19 Sep | 2017

What is it that inspired incredible women through history to change their world for Jesus?

I'm not an old bag

16 Aug | 2017

An overstuffed life looks a lot like an overstuffed bag... is yours bursting at the seams?

The beautiful, mean streets of Melbourne

15 Aug | 2017

The streets of Melbourne are gorgeous and yet hide in plain sight a brutally different side of life, writes WM author Elizabeth.

lock and key

Effective deliverance ministry

9 Aug | 2017

Our WM author and Taupo Salvationist Tracy takes us through some of the basics of deliverance ministry for Christians.