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WM Project 2017

Every year, Women's Ministries around New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga raises a significant amount of money to change the lives of those in need. This aspect of our ministry shapes communities, builds resources and blesses the women, men and children associated with our fundraising.

Women's Ministries Project 2017 - The Haven and The Sunshine Home Sri Lanka

This year, our WM Project 2017 is focused on The Haven and The Sunshine Home in Sri Lanka. These two institutions provide safety, shelter and community to women and children in various and complicated forms of refugee status and intense need. Many have experienced abuse, trafficking and rape. Some have pregnancies resulting from assaults.

The Haven and The Sunshine Home are both specifically equipped to help their charges integrate into holistic, safe, Christian community as their mental, physical and spiritual needs are met.

The Haven: This particular centre provides full time residential care and a pre-school for children who are orphaned or separated from family. There are beds, counselling and specialist support networks for up to 10 single mothers, from pregnancy to birth. There are also adoption services provided if they are unable to safely care for their children.

Sunshine Home: The Sunshine Home provides safety and shelter for up to 60 teenage girls who have been referred by the court system. The majority have experienced multiple forms of abuse and some are trafficking victims. Specialist services are available to those who are pregnant, and continues until court decisions have been concluded.

Project 2017 Promotional Material:

In this promotional material you should find everything you need for your WM Project 2017 - The Haven and The Sunshine Home Sri Lanka, including posters, files for Sunday morning newsletters and slides and pamphlets.

Pamphlet WM Project 2017 - Print A4 | Double-sided | Colour | Flip on short edge | Fold in three 

Poster WM Project 2017 - Print any size | Colour

Picture file of WM Project 2017 - This file is useful for inserting into newsletters, documents, PowerPoints, social media and anywhere online!

Are you active in Women's Ministries in your Corps? Then your mission this year is to raise funds for WM Project 2017 - The Haven and The Sunshine Home Sri Lanka! And we would love to see other groups get involved too.

In the brochure we have detailed the approximate costs of some of the services provided and the difference your fundraising makes:

  • $5 pays for one monthly antenatal checkup for an expectant mother
  • $10 pays for a girl's weekly education class, setting her on the path to being self sufficient
  • $40 pays for an emergency consultation with a doctor
  • $200 covers full medical costs, clothing, hygiene products and additional food for one mother and her baby in the last two months of pregnancy and post-natal care.

Throughout the year, we would love to see your ideas and share your stories of success in raising funds for this wonderful cause! Don't forget to share on Facebook or email us! We love to hear from you, and other WM women benefit from your expertise and passion!

Thank you for all you are and do. Together we are raising funds to change lives, and offering the true Good News to women, children and communities in Sri Lanka.