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Christian Ethics

Christianity provides a solid foundation for life that helps us respond to moral and ethical issues.

Resources on moral and social issues

The Salvation Army Moral and Social Issues Council (MASIC) provides discussion papers and other material to help people reflect on the intersection of the Christian faith in everyday life.

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Positional Statements

The Salvation Army publishes Positional Statements on some ethical issues.

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Medical needle preparing for an injection

Exit this way?

25 Jun | 2012

As the euthanasia debate stirs again in New Zealand, the nation has some big questions to consider about how we live with dying.

Mother and teenage daughter

Age appropriate clothing

20 May | 2012

Tanith Carey on helping daughters dress age appropriately.

Sophie Voon

Changing fashion

18 May | 2012

Sophie Voon is changing fashion to help create a fairer world.

A mother shows a scan of her unborn baby

Choice or expectation?

5 Oct | 2011

Has the choice to abort become too easy? And what is the church saying on the matter?

Stop the Traffik logo hand

Crime of the century

23 Sep | 2011

Ruth Dearnley, CEO of Stop the Traffik, continues the 200 year old protest against the buying and selling of people.

Woman doing yoga

Is yoga okay?

26 Jun | 2011

Yoga has exploded in popularity. But should Christians partake?

Hand begging

Debating welfare

22 Feb | 2011

The debate over social welfare has once again been thrown into the spotlight, but are we asking the right questions?

Couple show their wedding rings

Marriage and the balance of power

20 Nov | 2010

What does the Bible say about making marriage less 'me versus you' and more about 'us'?

 A domestic violence protest slogan on a Wellington. Photography: Amber Wilkinson

Out of the shadows

19 Nov | 2010

Family violence offences in Christchurch jumped by over 50 per cent after the Canterbury earthquake on 4 September.