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Christian Ethics

Christianity provides a solid foundation for life that helps us respond to moral and ethical issues.

Resources on moral and social issues

The Salvation Army Moral and Social Issues Council (MASIC) provides discussion papers and other material to help people reflect on the intersection of the Christian faith in everyday life.

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Positional Statements

The Salvation Army publishes Positional Statements on some ethical issues.

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 A domestic violence protest slogan on a Wellington. Photography: Amber Wilkinson

Out of the shadows

19 Nov | 2010

Family violence offences in Christchurch jumped by over 50 per cent after the Canterbury earthquake on 4 September.

Cartoon character breaking a chain

Break free from porn

9 Nov | 2010

Everyone has at least one area of weakness. For some, that area of weakness is pornography.


Power in the church

4 Aug | 2010

How should we relate to one another within church communities?

Rev Jim Wallace

No private matter

28 Jul | 2010

Rev Wallis calls the Church to turn from a privatised narcissistic faith to better serve the poor and protect God’s creation.

Man offering alcohol

Abstinence from alcohol

7 Apr | 2010

Is the Army out of step in maintaining its total abstinence stance as a condition of church membership?

12 steps

The twelve steps of economic recovery

1 Mar | 2010

What if we were to employ the language and practices of the 'Twelve Step Programme of Alcoholics Anonymous' to reframe our economic recovery?

Salvation Army youth serving fair trade coffee; photo by Luke Tearle

Fairtrade myths busted

15 Feb | 2010

Meeting needs and standing up for injustice is in the Army’s DNA.

Man looks at a full glass of beer

The Salvation Army alcohol abstinence stance

21 Oct | 2009

A review of the Army’s history can help us understand why such a counter-cultural position became so important and how it might be relevant in today’s world.

DNA fingerprint

Pre-implementation genetic diagnosis

19 Oct | 2009

New developments in technology not only raise new problems for consideration, they also raise new questions concerning the definition of life itself.