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Christian Ethics

Christianity provides a solid foundation for life that helps us respond to moral and ethical issues.

Resources on moral and social issues

The Salvation Army Moral and Social Issues Council (MASIC) provides discussion papers and other material to help people reflect on the intersection of the Christian faith in everyday life.

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Positional Statements

The Salvation Army publishes Positional Statements on some ethical issues.

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Man looks at a full glass of beer

The Salvation Army alcohol abstinence stance

21 Oct | 2009

A review of the Army’s history can help us understand why such a counter-cultural position became so important and how it might be relevant in today’s world.

DNA fingerprint

Pre-implementation genetic diagnosis

19 Oct | 2009

New developments in technology not only raise new problems for consideration, they also raise new questions concerning the definition of life itself.

Two elderly ladies sitting on a bench

Gendered Ageism - a myth or reality?

8 Sep | 2009

It is a fact that aging affects everyone from birth to death. It is also a reality that many perceive this natural progression with extreme negativity.

A crowd of people

The Baby Boomers' legacy

3 Sep | 2009

The challenges don’t lie with how we fund our retirement incomes or how we provide better health services to an aging society.

Sign: Credit Crunch Ahead

The credit-debt diet

22 Jul | 2009

The credit-debt is casting a long shadow on the futures of nations, communities and individuals.

Pot of gold

The rainbow of entitlement

15 Jun | 2009

An excerpt from a Discussion Document exploring consumerism and what we feel is ‘rightly ours’.

Deer butting heads

Resorting to Force

12 Nov | 2008

To not use force need not be unmanly - it may be the most heroic and brave thing you can do.

Two sets of feet poking out from under the covers

Turning people into things: sexxx...

10 Nov | 2008

The ‘sexualisation of life’ has made sex into something that it is not.

Pokie gambling machine

Problem Gambling

30 Oct | 2008

Many people view gambling as a form of entertainment, but it can result in significant harm for the gambler and those close to them.