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Introducing Christianity

God created all things and who gives his creation meaning. Even more exciting, this is a God you can know!

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28 Jul | 2011

Christians believe that God created the world and that he sustains it.

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Jesus - God and Man

28 Jul | 2011

Faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour is central to Christian belief.

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Life After Death

28 Jul | 2011

The Christian hope in life after death is based upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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28 Jul | 2011

Our salvation is assured through continued obedient faith in Jesus Christ.

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28 Jul | 2011

We have fallen far from God’s intention. Though made in God’s image, we are flawed by sin.

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The Church

28 Jul | 2011

The Church is the fellowship of all who are saved by grace through faith in Christ.

The Bible

The Holy Bible

28 Jul | 2011

The source of Christian belief is the Bible - God's Word written to humanity.

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The Trinity

28 Jul | 2011

Christians believe in one God who is at the same time three.

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Salvation Story

27 Jul | 2011

Salvation is to enter by faith into the story of Jesus.