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Life Matters

A selection of thoughtful articles that confront common problems and issues that we all experience.

Living life single

25 Sep | 2017

There’s pressure in society to be in a relationship, but the single life has a lot going for it.

Thriving despite a difficult marriage

12 Sep | 2017

Is there hope for your marriage, if it hasn’t become ‘happily ever after’?

‘Sometimes people need permission to acknowledge what is true about their marriage—that it may never have a happy ending or a resolution that is satisfying,’ say Christian psychologists Michael and Chuck Misja in their book Thriving Despite a Difficult Marriage.’

People Pleasing

26 Jun | 2017

We all like to get on with other people, but what do we do when we realise we’ve fallen into the trap of being a ‘people pleaser’?

How can I help my kids be friends?

23 Mar | 2017

Hearing your precious kids yell at each other, ‘I hate you!’ is always stressful. But that doesn’t mean they will be enemies for life … or even for the next hour. And as parents, we can encourage their special relationship.

Family conflict at Christmas

23 Dec | 2016

The myth of Christmas is cosy, comforting, family togetherness. But those of us who come from actual families, know it’s just that—a myth.

How to say sorry

3 Nov | 2016

We’re great at saying sorry when we bump into someone on a crowded street, so why is it so hard to say sorry for our real mistakes?

How to break Up

18 Oct | 2016

There is no one way to get over a relationship breakup, but you can navigate it so that breakup doesn’t break you.

a variety of items you take on holiday

Don’t Leave Home Without…

24 Aug | 2016

We’ve gone internationalé for this issue of War Cry, so we’ve come up with some top travel hacks. Don’t leave home without checking these out.

How can I be closer to my brother?

2 Aug | 2016

How can I build a closer relationship to my brother? We come from a loving family, but don’t have much in common and have never been close.