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Life Matters

A selection of thoughtful articles that confront common problems and issues that we all experience.

The untouched single male

11 Mar | 2018

Why men are hurting from a lack of platonic touch.

Help, my kids love technology!

14 Dec | 2017

We tend to freak out about our kids’ obsession with technology, but expert John Parsons says that keeping kids safe online is more about family values than screen time.

Do I have the gift of singleness?

8 Nov | 2017

Singleness is often called a gift, but is it the gift that nobody wants?

Living life single

25 Sep | 2017

There’s pressure in society to be in a relationship, but the single life has a lot going for it.

Thriving despite a difficult marriage

12 Sep | 2017

Is there hope for your marriage, if it hasn’t become ‘happily ever after’?

‘Sometimes people need permission to acknowledge what is true about their marriage—that it may never have a happy ending or a resolution that is satisfying,’ say Christian psychologists Michael and Chuck Misja in their book Thriving Despite a Difficult Marriage.’

People Pleasing

26 Jun | 2017

We all like to get on with other people, but what do we do when we realise we’ve fallen into the trap of being a ‘people pleaser’?

How can I help my kids be friends?

23 Mar | 2017

Hearing your precious kids yell at each other, ‘I hate you!’ is always stressful. But that doesn’t mean they will be enemies for life … or even for the next hour. And as parents, we can encourage their special relationship.

Family conflict at Christmas

23 Dec | 2016

The myth of Christmas is cosy, comforting, family togetherness. But those of us who come from actual families, know it’s just that—a myth.

How to say sorry

3 Nov | 2016

We’re great at saying sorry when we bump into someone on a crowded street, so why is it so hard to say sorry for our real mistakes?