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How to change your life

some weights, fruit and a tape measure
It’s the time of year when we often think about what we’d like to change about our lives.

It’s the time of year when we often think about what we’d like to change about our lives. Here is a pocketful of wisdom on how to …

Meet that special someone: You’re not likely to meet someone if you never leave the house. But, equally, if your focus is always on meeting someone, it can stop you from enjoying social situations. Instead, a great goal is to be the person God made you to be. If you’re following God’s purpose for you, it’s not likely you’ll be a wallflower and you’ll be free to enjoy social situations. And God is a God of hope.  

Make friends: Here’s a simple rule that works if you would like to make friends: treat others as you would like to be treated. We’re all insecure, and we’re all waiting for someone to value us. Be the friend you’d like to have. Take a risk and ask someone you’d like to get to know for a coffee. If you’re shy, that’s okay—allow yourself to open up slowly.

Get fit: If you’re not Rambo, don’t start by trying to kick-box five times a week. Begin with whatever physical activity you enjoy (or think you could enjoy), and make it work with your life. For example, walk the kids to school instead of driving. It takes willpower at first, but the more you do it, the more you will find yourself wanting to do it. And who knows, by the end of the year you might have a little bit of Rambo in you.

Enjoy your job: What do you like the most about your job? It could be as simple as the people. Or there could be aspects of your job where time flies, because you’re working to your strengths. Identify the best things about your job, and work on growing those things.