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Life Matters

A selection of thoughtful articles that confront common problems and issues that we all experience.

How can I be closer to my brother?

2 Aug | 2016

How can I build a closer relationship to my brother? We come from a loving family, but don’t have much in common and have never been close.

Can I break up with a friend?

15 Apr | 2016

I’m in a friendship I find draining, and I really want to put some distance between us, but can I ‘break up’ with a friend?

A guilt-free Christmas

23 Dec | 2015

Guilt and Christmas go together like a six-pack of mince pies and a tummy ache … can you have one without the other? Yes! Here’s how to enjoy family, food and festivities this Christmas, without the guilt.

Christmas Shopping in One Day

9 Dec | 2015

Your Mission: to get all your Christmas shopping done in one day. You’re going to lick that Christmas list, like Tom Cruise licked that tall glass building in Mission Impossible.

Children's Commissioner Dr Russell Wills

Put up or shut up

19 Nov | 2015

Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills didn’t want the job. Until a meeting with then Social Development Minister Paula Bennett and a passion to change the lives of children eventually drove him to apply.

The 'buy one sell one' challenge

20 Oct | 2015

For those of us for whom fashion is a need, not a want, here are three easy steps for squeezing your budget (and yourself into that outfit).

a frustrated couple

Will she change her ways?

20 Oct | 2015

Dear Q&A, I’ve been married 15 years and my wife still won’t close the cupboard doors. How can I get her to change?

Simon Barnett on dancing with the stars

Vote Simon!

9 Jul | 2015

Simon Barnett has won over audiences on Dancing with the Stars, but we especially love him because he has chosen to support The Salvation Army.

a group of people praying

New Prayer Course for Non-prayers

18 Jun | 2015

The new, free Prayer Course from Alpha has taken New Zealand by storm, with several Salvation Army corps taking up the challenge.