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Life Matters

A selection of thoughtful articles that confront common problems and issues that we all experience.
A man writing a letter

Write to your MP

27 Feb | 2013

Your MP will only know your opinion if you tell them.

Family reading the Bible

Bringing faith home

30 Aug | 2012

Are we exculsively outsourcing our children's faith to churches? asks Alastair Kendrew.

Parental role model

Parental role models

21 Aug | 2012

The biggest reality check for new parents is realising it’s not about ‘me’ anymore.

Sympathy in bereavement

Helping after a death

5 Jul | 2012

Do's and don'ts following a bereavement.

Woman in a wheelchair at work

Listen to us

5 Jun | 2012

There has been greater awareness of disabled people’s issues of late. Disabled people are more visible in the community.

Mother and teenage daughter

Age appropriate clothing

20 May | 2012

Tanith Carey on helping daughters dress age appropriately.

Email etiquette

Email etiquette

30 Mar | 2012

Probably the best advice for email etiquette is ‘type unto others as you would have them type unto you’.

How can i remember names?

How to remember names?

12 Mar | 2012

Just like playing the piano or taking up a sport, remembering names takes practise—until eventually we can make it look easy!

Back to school child

Back to school

26 Jan | 2012

Facing a new school year is a major life change and it can be stressful. So how can you help your child through this?