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Life Matters

A selection of thoughtful articles that confront common problems and issues that we all experience.
a woman with shopping bags

Are you a shop-o-holic?

29 Jan | 2014

The season of giving is behind us, but its ugly cousin, mass consumerism, keeps on keeping on. How can you shop differently this year?

some weights, fruit and a tape measure

How to change your life

10 Jan | 2014

It’s the time of year when we often think about what we’d like to change about our lives. Here is a pocketful of wisdom on how to …

a dinner plate with kniwfe and fork

What's for dinner?

10 Jan | 2014

How to save on last minute trips to the dairy and prevent food budget blowouts.

a smartphone showing Facebook status

The perfect status update

2 Dec | 2013

If you’ve got Facebook status anxiety, here are our dos and don’ts for the perfect update.

piggy bank with a santa hat on

The ‘No Freak Out’ Christmas

2 Oct | 2013

Its only 3 months till Christmas but don't panic; here are some handy budget tips.

a man with his phone ignoring his girlfriend

The dark art of phubbing

1 Oct | 2013

Ingrid Barratt on the international pandemic that is phone snubbing.

Family meal time

Family mealtimes

6 May | 2013

A study by the Families Commission reports that taking time to share a family meal has far-reaching health and wellbeing benefits for young people.

family having fun together

Have fun as a family

29 Apr | 2013

... without wearing ourselves out on more activities.

a man with his hands over his mouth

Over sharing online

29 Apr | 2013

How do you know if you're an online over-sharer?