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Our People, Our Stories

Stories from our people who are experiencing life changing opportunities through our work and services.

Stepping forward with Salvation Army chaplaincy

21 Jan | 2016

The Salvation Army is strengthening its resourcing for those serving as chaplains.

I see the Christ in you

15 Dec | 2015

Jessica and Ameet Londhe are packing their bags, getting ready to leave Booth College of Mission, which has been their home for two years.

Meeting need in Nepal

1 Dec | 2015

‘One of their phrases was, “Thank you for coming to our country and feeling our pain.” ’

Vivienne Hill of Familty Tracing Service

I was a Bethany baby

20 Oct | 2015

Vivienne Hill first came to The Salvation Army’s Family Tracing service looking for her birth parent. She has now joined the service as its team leader.

Majors Kevin & Merilyn Goldsack

A place to belong before you believe

12 Oct | 2015

This weekend, people are gathering at Auckland City Corps to celebrate what has often been, literally, a death to life transformation through 20 years of Salvation Army Recovery Church.

Beyond the prison gate

1 Oct | 2015

‘I can’t describe the release of pressure. As soon as I found out I was accepted, it was like a bomb had gone off and all the stress had been released'.

Kevin and Merilyn Goldsack

A place to belong before you believe

28 Sep | 2015

The first inklings of what would become Recovery Church began, not from The Salvation Army, but from a client who had been through the Bridge Programme (which is also known as Addiction Services).

Whatever you need...serving shaken communities

10 Sep | 2015

It began with a volunteer cleaning a kitchen. Four years on, The Salvation Army’s Christchurch Primary Schools Support Programme supports 12 schools and thousands of pupils.

Talking in Church

28 Aug | 2015

In a new concept of church, The Gathering in Hamilton is bringing children and adults together in a place where they can get chaotic, creative—and even talk in church.