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Our People, Our Stories

Stories from our people who are experiencing life changing opportunities through our work and services.
Megan Dangen

Welcome to the table

11 Sep | 2017

Megan Dangen was a contestant on the hit Australian show My Kitchen Rules, and today she is using her formidable cooking skills to feed up to a hundred people every week, as part of Royal Oak Community Ministries.

Love changes lives

19 Aug | 2017

Greece, a country already bursting at the seams and under huge financial constraints is home to thousands of refugees caught up in an international crisis. The Salvation Army is there, demonstrating love and changing lives.

Jill McKenzie

I am not alone

24 Jul | 2017

Two years ago I could not leave my house, let alone tell my story. But after a lifetime of abuse, alcoholism and deep despair, I have finally found peace.

Napier Salvationists in 1886 after release from prison for ‘parading the streets in their peculiar fashion’. The War Cry reported: ‘

How has The Salvation Army survived?

22 Jul | 2017

I’m fascinated how The Salvation Army has survived?’ The reporter’s question caught me a bit off guard, curious about how The Salvation Army remained relevant, when it seemed so out of step with society with ‘uniforms and ranks and things’.

The Porirua Community Ministries team

Opening the door to a better life

6 Jun | 2017

Ahead of this year’s Red Shield Appeal, Robin Raymond went behind the scenes at a busy Community Ministries centre to see how the Army helps fight poverty.

John Maeva

I was ready for change

12 Apr | 2017

A fortune teller once told John Maeva he would die at 51—and John says that’s what happened.

Jamie sits in his back yard

Living with a brain tumour

28 Mar | 2017

Jamie discovered the strength, peace and love that comes through friendship with Jesus.

Mike Bryan in the library of Booth College of Mission

The day I cracked

28 Feb | 2017

School teacher Mike Bryan tried to be a Buddhist, Taoist, pagan and Catholic before declaring himself an atheist. So when God met him one day, ‘it was really embarrassing’.

Bernie and Helen Knowles

Only the name of Jesus

23 Dec | 2016

When Bernie Knowles woke up from a coma, he couldn’t remember who he was. The only thing he could remember was a single name. And that name was Jesus.