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Our People, Our Stories

Stories from our people who are experiencing life changing opportunities through our work and services.

I’ll Stand With You

5 Aug | 2016

The little known story of Peter Norman, an Australian Salvationist who ran the race of his life to win silver in the 1968 Olympics, but gave up his own glory to stand up for justice and for God.

Welcoming Refugees

1 Aug | 2016

Germany has made space for more refugees than any other European country. Salvation Army officer Captain Ollie Walz and his wife Christiane have been leading The Salvation Army’s response in Solingen, a city of 155,000 people between Düsseldorf and Cologne.

Aspire success continues to impress

30 Jul | 2016

The Salvation Army’s Aspire programme is into its second year, and despite slimming down in numbers, leaders, students and parents say positive results from last year are continuing.

Cadet Beany Cho

Faith with flair

4 Jul | 2016

A few years ago, Beany Cho was an award-winning bartender with dreams of owning his own bar. Today, Cadet Beany is studying to become a Salvation Army officer, in his first year at Booth College of Mission.

30 years in Tonga

29 Jun | 2016

The Salvation Army has celebrated 30 years of being in Tonga. Along with marking history, Regional Commander Captain Sila Siufanga says they will also be marking a new and exciting phase for the future of the Army in Tonga.

Eighty years of hotel ministry

20 Jun | 2016

Hotel ministry, visiting pubs, bars, cafés and hotels, is a part of Salvation Army history that is becoming less common in parts of the territory today.

Former Epsom Lodge manager Captain Doug Newman

A place to belong

17 Jun | 2016

For more than 100 years The Salvation Army has been helping homeless people in Auckland through the Epsom Lodge Supportive Accommodation Unit, giving thousands of people more than just a roof over their heads.

The price to play

6 May | 2016

Carla* sold all her furniture and then began stealing to ‘feed her kids’. Only her ‘kids’ were the pokie machines she had developed an addiction to, which she hated, but just could not break.

Jo Ghent

Really started living

5 May | 2016

When I first walked into The Salvation Army I was what you’d call a broken woman