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Our People, Our Stories

Stories from our people who are experiencing life changing opportunities through our work and services.
Vianne O'Byrne

Walk With Me

23 Sep | 2013

Vianne O’Byrne has always put her hope in the Lord­. Today, she ‘gets paid for sharing Jesus all day long’, in her role as Community Ministries Coordinator at East City Corps, Auckland. This is her story.

General Andre and Commissioner Silvia Cox

A disciple of Jesus

3 Sep | 2013

Newly elected international leader General André Cox speaks with Salvationist Editor Major Jane Kimberley at the conclusion of the 2013 High Council.

614 Corps youth fundraising

Looking for a place to call home

23 Aug | 2013

For the young adults Tim Malton works with, state-of-the-art smart phones or the latest street wear are not what they crave most.

Salvation Army Youth work apprentices

Developing effective youth leaders

2 Aug | 2013

The Salvation Army Youth Work Apprenticeship scheme is proving to be a highly successful venture.

Captains Ian and Liz Gainsford in Tanzania.

First impressions: Tanzania

31 Jul | 2013

Captains Liz and Ian Gainsford took up new roles at The Salvation Army Officer Training College in Tanzania this year. This is their story.

Lieut-Colonels Yousaf Ghulam and Rebecca Yousaf

Faith and fury

17 Jul | 2013

Boldly following Christ in a Muslim country, Lieut-Colonels Yousaf Ghulam and Rebecca Yousaf have faced conflict, hardship and even death. Here is their story of faith amidst fury.

Dr James Read

Flexing the muscles of the mind

3 Jul | 2013

Dr James Read on the battle of good over evil.

Johnsonville Corps womens weekend away group photo

Finding adventure, challenge and friendship

6 Jun | 2013

Women's weekend adventures with Johnsonville Corps.

The Ragamuffin Army band of Hutt City Corps

The Ragamuffin Army Band

15 May | 2013

The Ragamuffin Army Band on the importance of worshipping when faced with opposition.