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Our People, Our Stories

Stories from our people who are experiencing life changing opportunities through our work and services.
Lieut-Colonels Yousaf Ghulam and Rebecca Yousaf

Faith and fury

17 Jul | 2013

Boldly following Christ in a Muslim country, Lieut-Colonels Yousaf Ghulam and Rebecca Yousaf have faced conflict, hardship and even death. Here is their story of faith amidst fury.

Dr James Read

Flexing the muscles of the mind

3 Jul | 2013

Dr James Read on the battle of good over evil.

Johnsonville Corps womens weekend away group photo

Finding adventure, challenge and friendship

6 Jun | 2013

Women's weekend adventures with Johnsonville Corps.

The Ragamuffin Army band of Hutt City Corps

The Ragamuffin Army Band

15 May | 2013

The Ragamuffin Army Band on the importance of worshipping when faced with opposition.

Major Lee Edney

A court with a difference

1 May | 2013

A fresh approach to supporting the homeless in Wellington.

The Wahine sinking

The Wahine Disaster

29 Apr | 2013

A personal account by Major Joan Beale.

Steve Robinson

A better way

25 Mar | 2013

Steve Robinson tells how God rescued him from misery and near certain death.

Roy Dunn

Journeying together for a second chance

14 Jan | 2013

A unique partnership to combat 'P' addiction.

The Mataki family

Change of address

5 Dec | 2012

Bruce & Trish Mataki are giving up a dream lifestyle to follow God’s call.