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Our People, Our Stories

Stories from our people who are experiencing life changing opportunities through our work and services.
Lt Shaun Baker taking a bungee jump in Queenstown

The leap of faith

21 Jan | 2015

On Saturday the 12th of May last year, I woke up and said to myself, ‘Today is the day!’ I caught the AJ Hackett Bungy shuttle with a group of other would-be adrenalin junkies to the Nevis bungy....

Wi Pirihi

Changed by God's love

17 Dec | 2014

Salvation Army music lured Wi Pirihi through The Salvation Army’s door. It was the best change of direction he’s ever made.

Ivan and Glenda Bezzant

Invading the impossible

5 Dec | 2014

After 33 years as Salvation Army officers (ministers) and nine appointments, Majors Glenda and Ivan Bezzant have been through most things the job can throw at them. They say seeing God’s kingdom growing and lives changed is an amazing privilege.


Not all streets are paved with gold

13 Oct | 2014

Hollywood may not sound such a bad place to be homeless. But for one man who was pitched into life on the streets of Los Angeles, the reality was a nightmarish journey that tested his sanity and his faith to their limits.

Daryn and Jess Bishop

10 Years Healed

26 Sep | 2014

From the time she was nine, Jess suffered from a debilitating form of illness called fibromyalgia. This year, she celebrates 10 years since she was miraculously healed. Now a Salvation Army officer (pastor), Jess tells her story of fierce faith and freedom.

a man with an axe chopping wood

The downside of staunch

15 Sep | 2014

When I left school, I entered the ‘hard man’ culture of the forestry and freezing works industry. All my life I wondered: What does it mean to be a man? But God took my heart of stone and gave me back a heart of flesh. He taught me how to be a real man.

Salvation Army in Papua New Guinea

Planting seeds of hope in Papua New Guinea

22 Aug | 2014

A phone call from the Army’s International Headquarters in London started our journey to the ‘Land of the Unexpected’. ’

Cadets training day in Russia

Planting seeds of hope in Eastern Europe

14 Aug | 2014

The Salvation Army is changing the world—and the opportunities have never been greater in Eastern Europe, where the breakdown of the old political system has opened up many possibilities.

Mofa of the Salvation Army in Dar es Salaam

Mofa's hopeful future

30 Jul | 2014

Mofa’s life has been transformed, and hope has blossomed in the place of rejection and near death.