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Our People, Our Stories

Stories from our people who are experiencing life changing opportunities through our work and services.
Ann Stewart

A life more colourful

13 Jun | 2014

I would describe my journey as a 360-degree circle. I’m an alcoholic who is discovering new life, every day.

Transforming lives

8 May | 2014

With over 60,000 people having been through their courses, The Salvation Army Education and Employment has been transforming lives for 34 years.

Stuart Herbert

Open Your Heart to Jesus

15 Apr | 2014

Stuart Herbert bubbles with excitement when he talks about what it’s like to live with Jesus every day. And he owes it to the son who paved the way for his dad, in his 50s, to take a fresh look at the world through the eyes of faith.

Ollie Seumanufagai- image by Fairfax Media/Dominion Post

Second chances

20 Mar | 2014

Ollie Seumanufagai tells a transformation story that began years earlier, when he was ‘either going to kill, or be killed’.

The U Build 4 The Rebuild training programme students

Rebuilding lives

17 Mar | 2014

A creative initiative from The Salvation Army Education and Employment service is helping rebuild infrastructure in Christchurch, while assisting people to rebuild their lives.

Salvation Army care van in central Christchurch

Christchurch: three years on

24 Feb | 2014

185 people died as a result of the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that struck Christchurch on 22 February 2011. BBuildings were destroyed, livelihoods lost and entire communities fractured. But this is a tragedy that also saw people rally to help and support one another.

General Andre and Commissioner Silvia Cox

Pursuing the dream

13 Feb | 2014

General André Cox shares his vision for a Christ-centred Army that practices what it preaches from the top leadership down.

Stan Walker

Stuff ups and God

23 Jan | 2014

Stan Walker shares his imperfect journey of faith with Hayden Shearman.

Asenaca Kalou

Singing of God's faithful love

20 Dec | 2013

Asenaca Kalou of Fiji, describes her journey with God as an uphill climb, where the ascension has both been challenging yet rewarding.