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On The Run CD cover

CD Review - On The Run

26 Jun | 2012

On The Run is the latest release from Minnesota punk rock group Children 18:3.

Kerry Hammill (scene from movie)

Brother Number One

11 Mar | 2012

Olympic rower Rob Hamill journeys to Cambodia to confront his brother’s Khmer Rogue killers.

Dallington Boy shovels Liquefaction

When a City Falls

20 Nov | 2011

A beautiful cinematic experience and documentary storytelling about the Christchurch earthquakes.

Every Fallen Tear

Every Falling Tear

27 Oct | 2011

Forged from a very personal tragedy, Matt Hamitt of Sanctus Real has written a truly moving and ultimately hopeful solo album.

You Are Love

You Are Love

27 Oct | 2011

You Are Love is the fourth solo album by well-known songwriter and former Hillsong worship leader Darlene Zschech.

The 3 Colours of Love

The Three Colours of Love

17 Oct | 2011

Refreshingly, this is a book about spiritual and church growth that resists formula and doesn’t make any promises about the ‘magic’ ingredient that will work for your church. Except for one: love.

Charlie (Hugh Jackman) and his son, Max (Dakota Goyo) attend to their robot boxer, Atom.

Real Steel

5 Oct | 2011

What a difference it makes to a dad when he knows his kid’s in his corner! And what an inspiration for dads to be challenged to work at what matters most—being good fathers to their children.

Screenshot from El Shaddai

El Shaddai Video Game

5 Oct | 2011

You probably haven’t heard of the apocryphal Book of Enoch before, but it sure makes good source material for a video game.

General John Larsson

Jesus Folk and Spirit!

6 Sep | 2011

This is the second CD to be released from John Larsson featuring songs from two classic Army musicals.