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Reviews of books, movies and music!

The Jesus Scandals Book

Book Review- The Jesus Scandals

4 Jul | 2012

An easy to read and skilfully assembled account of scandals in Jesus' life and times

Audrey Assad- Heart album

CD Review - Heart

28 Jun | 2012

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Audrey Assad returns with a contender for album of the year.

Journeys album cover

CD Review- Journeys

28 Jun | 2012

"Journeys" EP from Queensland band For This Cause, fuses catchy pop melodies and the chug of a hardcore breakdown.

On The Run CD cover

CD Review - On The Run

26 Jun | 2012

On The Run is the latest release from Minnesota punk rock group Children 18:3.

Kerry Hammill (scene from movie)

Brother Number One

11 Mar | 2012

Olympic rower Rob Hamill journeys to Cambodia to confront his brother’s Khmer Rogue killers.

Dallington Boy shovels Liquefaction

When a City Falls

20 Nov | 2011

A beautiful cinematic experience and documentary storytelling about the Christchurch earthquakes.

Every Fallen Tear

Every Falling Tear

27 Oct | 2011

Forged from a very personal tragedy, Matt Hamitt of Sanctus Real has written a truly moving and ultimately hopeful solo album.

You Are Love

You Are Love

27 Oct | 2011

You Are Love is the fourth solo album by well-known songwriter and former Hillsong worship leader Darlene Zschech.

The 3 Colours of Love

The Three Colours of Love

17 Oct | 2011

Refreshingly, this is a book about spiritual and church growth that resists formula and doesn’t make any promises about the ‘magic’ ingredient that will work for your church. Except for one: love.