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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Can the Church Unite?

24 Jun | 2016

Is it possible to gain unity within the worldwide Church, or will Jesus’ prayer forever go unanswered? A new initiative believes it is possible, and is seeking to strengthen the unity of the Church.

Fixed on the eternal

13 Jun | 2016

The Block is back, and this time it is playing on the gender divide. Can women reno a house that will stay standing? Can guys perfectly puff a throw pillow?

The Reluctant Prophet - Part 2

30 May | 2016

Carla Lindsey explores what happened when Jonah said ‘yeah-nah’ to God.

Daryl Brougham

The foster child is God's child

28 May | 2016

Daryl Brougham went into state care as an infant. Within the system that should have protected him, Daryl suffered every kind of abuse in over 30 different homes

The Reluctant Prophet

27 May | 2016

In the first of a five part series, Carla Lindsey examines the book of Jonah. Here she asks, ‘Was there really a fish?’ and other important questions.

Suffering in silence

24 May | 2016

Pastors are far more likely than the general population to have depression, according to recent research. But there are still many misconceptions about mental health within the Church.

Principal Youth Court Judge His Honour Judge Andrew Beecroft

Justice and mercy

13 Apr | 2016

For 15 years as Principal Youth Court Judge His Honour Judge Andrew Becroft has dealt with the country’s worst teenage criminals. He still sees hope in every one that steps into his court room.

Sarah Lancaster of Sew Love

Sew love

7 Apr | 2016

A young woman, armed with just her sewing machine and a van called Cecil, is travelling New Zealand with a mission to teach us how to sew.

Cute little boy holds a sign saying 'Jesus Lives'

The irresistible Jesus

24 Mar | 2016

If you've been hurt by religion, try Jesus instead.