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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Verses we wish didn't exist- Part 2

22 Jun | 2018

In this instalment of our occasional series, we ask: Did Jesus really advocate violence?

Welcome the refugee

20 Jun | 2018

A while ago I had the privilege of assisting an extended family of Middle Eastern refugees into their new life in New Zealand. I found the people to be warm, hospitable, family-focused and generous with their few possessions

Coralie Bridle and her son Sam

Telling his own story

18 Jun | 2018

When Coralie Bridle resuscitated her own three-month-old son Samuel, she knew their world had changed forever. Ever since, Coralie has been her son’s mouthpiece, helping him tell his own story.

One missed call

15 Jun | 2018

Do we all have a calling? And is it possible to miss the call?

The questioning generation

22 May | 2018

If the church is to thrive in the future, we need to welcome in our young people and allow them to ask the difficult questions.

What happens when we die?

10 May | 2018

Many Christians assume that when we die, our disembodied souls float away to heaven. But the biblical picture is much more exciting …

Raising Hope

8 May | 2018

For years, Mother’s Day was a time of grief for Megan Pattinson—until God gave her a new hope.

Fearfully and wonderfully made

7 May | 2018

I have long admired women who seem to manage so well with multiple challenges—careers, well-behaved children, clean and tidy houses, wonderful marriages, immaculately and fashionably presented—high achievers in all areas of life.

Verses we wish didnt exist

3 May | 2018

An occasional series that ‘fronts up’ to the Bible verses we would rather ignore—those ones that bring up uncomfortable issues for our faith. T