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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Who is This Man? Ko wai tenei tangata?

28 Mar | 2018

Jesus has been depicted in every culture and corner of the earth. But who is he? Do we dare to see him as a Māori warrior, a black man or even a New York taxi driver? Jesus is—put simply—everything.

A glorious ruin

18 Mar | 2018

As we prepare to celebrate the great moment in history when God came to the rescue of our ‘glorious ruin’, we ask: What do we really mean by this mysterious salvation?


16 Mar | 2018

The new Kiwi film Broken has achieved a rare feat: it’s a New Zealand film that opened at number one in the box office. But, more than that, it’s a film that is overtly Christian in its themes, and yet is captivating mainstream audiences.

Pray and say

14 Mar | 2018

I’ve lived by the adage ‘pray more than you say’, but what happens when you ‘pray and don’t say’? What happens when your faith is ineffective?

By way of the cross

2 Mar | 2018

It seems just a few weeks ago we were celebrating Jesus as a baby. Now, we are preparing to see the man on the cross who dies for the sins of the world—yours and mine as well. What took him from the manger to the cross? Barbara Sampson continues our journey through Lent.

The good place

27 Feb | 2018

Some topics make for great television, others … not so much. Eternal damnation isn’t usually associated with entertainment or comedy—but Netflix has done both with its award-winning show The Good Place.

My difficult marriage

23 Feb | 2018

One woman discovered that true love is not found at the end of a rom-com. True love begins where the rom-com ends. This is her honest account of doing it tough behind the closed doors of marriage.

Stacey and Scotty Morrison

A kapu ti with Stacey Morrison

13 Feb | 2018

The recent launch of their latest book Māori at Home may have cemented Stacey and Scotty Morrison as New Zealand’s favourite Māori-speaking power couple, but they didn’t start out that way.

From the flax roots up

10 Feb | 2018

A Māori perspective of hospitality provides rich insights into the welcoming heart of God and how we can welcome others.