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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

grumpy cat image

The joy of being grumpy

28 Jan | 2014

The joy of being grumpy is allowing God’s accepting presence among the fabric of our ‘ugly but adorable’ lives. And that will always make us smile.

a large pit of rubbish on fire

The upside of anger

15 Jan | 2014

Darren Elkington says it’s possible to see feelings of anger as a gift that we can invest wisely, for the good of others and ourselves.

Singer songwriter Audrey Assad

Honest songs

13 Jan | 2014

A musician talking of crucifying their pride and self-obsession is not something you hear every day. But Nashville’s Audrey Assad isn’t your everyday musician.

Dietician Andrea Hoffman

For the love of food

9 Jan | 2014

Andrea Hofmann is a dietitian who doesn’t like diets. Ingrid Barratt sits down for a consultation with Andrea, and discovers that by learning to love food you can learn to love yourself.

a close up of someone running

Grief is a journey

9 Jan | 2014

Wendy Sanson reflects on a tough 2013, and how God is seeing her through.

Christmas decorations

Make room for others

20 Dec | 2013

A Christmas message from Territorial Leaders Commissioners Robert and Janine Donaldson.

Jacob Barratt

A life extraordinary

19 Dec | 2013

The birth of Jesus is the world’s greatest love story, says Ingrid Barratt. It speaks of God’s extraordinary plan for each of us, told through the fragility of a baby boy.

Christmas lights

Jesus, the light of the world

17 Dec | 2013

Christmas Greetings from General André Cox, international leader of The Salvation Army.

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Simeon's Song

4 Dec | 2013

Carla Lindsey examines how Simeon’s song promises salvation for all the world.