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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

an icon image of Jesus

The prophet still speaks today- Part 3

10 Jun | 2014

Carla Lindsey examines God’s calls through the prophet Micah to treat people well, use our power wisely, and to live lives of integrity.

a couple at the cinema watching a film

God at the movies

9 Jun | 2014

War Cry talks to Christians working and playing in the film industry, about faith and the modern-day folklore that is the movies.

a scene from Downton Abbey

Building attachment with children

4 Jun | 2014

It was the Nation’s ‘Global Day of Parents’ on 1 June. Looking back at attitudes to raising children, one thing becomes obvious: we have a rich history of bad parenting advice.

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The prophet still speaks today- Part 2

30 May | 2014

Carla Lindsey looks at the laments of Micah, uttered in the face of judgement from an unexpected source.

Russell Rook

The chapel on the street

30 May | 2014

Russell Rook is the keynote speaker for the 2014 Just Action Conferences.

Lineni Ulamoleka and Betty Akoteu during staff devotions at The Salvation Army Regional Headquarters in Tonga

Are we a praying Army?

30 May | 2014

Do we in The Salvation Army believe in prayer more than we actually practice it?

A lifelong journey of faith

12 May | 2014

Helping children follow Jesus is a partnership between church and home says Bronwyn Malcom.

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The prophet still speaks today

9 May | 2014

Carla Lindsey introduces the first in a five-part study on the Old Testament book of Micah by helping us understand the context of Old Testament prophecy.

Ruby Deva Rose Gerrand-McKerrow

Remembering Ruby

7 May | 2014

Ruby Deva Rose Gerrand-McKerrow passed away aged 15, from an undiagnosed heart condition. Ruby’s family, Kim, Andrew, Crystal and Jesse, share their memories of a much-loved daughter and sister gone too soon.