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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

International Day of the Girl Child

8 Oct | 2014

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated this year on October 11. Shakti, a refuge for ethnic women in New Zealand, is promoting the day to highlight the veiled childhoods of some of our girls.

Sir John Kirwan

Tackling the Blues

6 Oct | 2014

Former All Black Sir John Kirwan has become the face of depression in New Zealand. He talks to Robin Raymond about tackling his own illness and his mission to help others through a message of hope.

a still life picture of fruit

Still in God's Presence

30 Sep | 2014

There’s more to being still than just stopping the movement of our bodies, writes Vakatoto Wawa.

a boy and a girl wearing shades

Face your fears

16 Sep | 2014

Guys don’t easily like to admit that they feel afraid because of embarrassing and painful things that have happened in the past. But when we confront our fears and talk about them, life gets a whole lot better … and so do we.

2 men with cups of tea

Freedom in a teacup

15 Sep | 2014

If we will only make the time, healing can come through the simplicity of a face-to-face conversation over a cuppa or a shared meal.

a rugby crowd

Chaps at church

15 Sep | 2014

The Sunday church experience floats some people’s boats, but not everyone’s. And certainly not all of the time. With this in mind, War Cry asked two males to share contrasting perspectives …

a dad playing with his young son

Am Like My Father?

9 Sep | 2014

You know the Mitre 10 advert talking about the DIY guy versus the guy who pays someone to do it for him? I’m the guy that pays—or rather, I’m the guy that tries to do it himself, makes a massive mess and then asks his mates to help.

Simon Barnett

Sensitive new age bloke

5 Sep | 2014

Simon Barnett is every bit the carey-sharey guy that listeners love to laugh with on his popular nationwide radio show.

a boy and a girl wearing shades

The F Word

29 Aug | 2014

We’re talking about that naughty word ‘feminism,’ of course. Now, I’m not a feminist, but …