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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

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The prophet still speaks today- Part 5

8 Jul | 2014

Carla Lindsey on Micah’s life-changing closing words.

a man praying in a church

Just Congregations

8 Jul | 2014

How can we recognise a congregation that is living out the Bible’s call to justice?

child dressed like a superhero

How to be a real life hero

4 Jul | 2014

We don’t all get to be what we wanted when we were kids. If we did, the superhero sector would be over saturated. But then there would be no one to do our accounts, and the dishes wouldn’t get done.

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The prophet still speaks today- Part 4

17 Jun | 2014

Carla Lindsey examines the tension that is part of God’s message given through the prophet Micah.

All Blacks v England rugby match

Move in the right direction

16 Jun | 2014

What does an All Blacks vs. England rugby game have in common with the life and death struggle of life in Syria?

a barbed wire fence with sunlight behind it

The concept of blessing

13 Jun | 2014

Ingrid Barratt explains why the concept of ‘blessing’ has to be more than a Christian code word for ‘luck.

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The prophet still speaks today- Part 3

10 Jun | 2014

Carla Lindsey examines God’s calls through the prophet Micah to treat people well, use our power wisely, and to live lives of integrity.

a couple at the cinema watching a film

God at the movies

9 Jun | 2014

War Cry talks to Christians working and playing in the film industry, about faith and the modern-day folklore that is the movies.

a scene from Downton Abbey

Building attachment with children

4 Jun | 2014

It was the Nation’s ‘Global Day of Parents’ on 1 June. Looking back at attitudes to raising children, one thing becomes obvious: we have a rich history of bad parenting advice.