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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Ruby Deva Rose Gerrand-McKerrow

Remembering Ruby

7 May | 2014

Ruby Deva Rose Gerrand-McKerrow passed away aged 15, from an undiagnosed heart condition. Ruby’s family, Kim, Andrew, Crystal and Jesse, share their memories of a much-loved daughter and sister gone too soon.

a cashew nut on a tree

A fair price

2 May | 2014

Wonderthrift's Lucy AitkenRead on the power of fair trade products.

a row of poppies with crosses on

On ANZAC, Gallipoli and being Christian

16 Apr | 2014

If Kiwis have a pilgrimage, Gallipoli has to be it. This is a sacred space, and its messages still resonate today.

He is risen

15 Apr | 2014

An Easter message from The Salvation Army's internal leader, General André Cox.

Lucy AitkenRead and family


7 Apr | 2014

Lucy AitkenRead is a popular blogger on thrifty and environmentally-friendly living. Now she joins War Cry as a regular guest columnist, giving readers the chance to apply Lucy’s stylish and eco-friendly know-how to their lives.

stones on a beach

Put down your stones

26 Mar | 2014

Darren Elkington asks why we are so quick to judge people who sin differently to ourselves.

2 chocolate rabbits with easter eggs

Looking beyond the bunny

25 Mar | 2014

We’re almost half-way through the season of Lent, but there’s still time to gain something meaningful from this season—and perhaps to give a little, too.

a bath

Where do you pray?

20 Mar | 2014

I’ve learnt there’s no right or wrong, no best or worst place to pray. But there is an instinctive desire in each of us to reach out to God.

John and Andrea Lopdell with son Josh

The radical act of friendship

17 Mar | 2014

The idea of ‘hospitality’ makes many of us stare shame-faced at the floor. The good news is that being a domestic goddess (or god) has nothing to do with the real, radical act of hospitality ... oh, but it does have something to do with our gothy-sweetheart Lorde.