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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

a woman relaxing in a field

Are you afflicted by hurry sickness?

7 Oct | 2013

Heather Rodwell recommends a liberating, restful approach to the praying life.

father and son playing

Single Parents

4 Oct | 2013

In praise of single parents, the unsung heroes among us.

ultra runner Claire Akin-Amith

Wonder woman

11 Sep | 2013

Ultra-runner Claire Akin-Smith regularly blitzes races of 100 kilometres or more. Faster than a speeding bullet she may be, but Claire believes anyone can get their body moving.

boy eating a cookie

Searching for treasure

11 Sep | 2013

Following the trail of breadcrumbs to God.

Jesus is not for sale

5 Sep | 2013

Jesus is not for sale, but it seems that’s how we often talk about him.

a woman in a blanket reading a book by a fire

Blanket books

3 Sep | 2013

A cup of cocoa, a warm blanket and a good book … we asked the War Cry team to tell us their favourite ‘blanket books’.

A prayer room at Oaktree Anglican Fellowship in London, England. Photograph by

Make space for prayer

1 Sep | 2013

The Salvation Army’s 50 Days of 24/7 Prayer campaign is an invitation to welcome God into our life and mission, writes Major Heather Rodwell, Secretary for Spiritual Life Development

a knight holding a sword

Is chivalry dead?

13 Aug | 2013

Is chivalry outdated or irrelevant? Or still alive and well?

a woman lying on the couch watching movies

Rainy day movies

13 Aug | 2013

Bored on a rainy day? Why not settle down with some of these great films, as recommended by the War Cry staff.