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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Murcock the cat with owner Shar Davis

What Murdock teaches me

21 Sep | 2016

I’ve grown up around animals, so it was perhaps inevitable I would become a ‘cat lady’ (while resisting the ‘crazy’ label that so often goes with it.)

In plain sight

16 Sep | 2016

Over the past five years, The Salvation Army in the UK has assisted over 4500 victims of human trafficking. It’s all around us, including New Zealand, says director Anne Read—If you have the eyes to see it.

A father and son in matching clothes

What would Dad do?

7 Sep | 2016

What time did the man go to the dentist? Tooth hurt-y. What happened when the oyster went dancing? He pulled a muscle.

Like most Kiwi kids, I grew up with dad jokes. It was our role as children to look bored and roll our eyes. But, of course, we secretly loved them. And now I find myself repeating my dad’s jokes to my own pre-schooler, trying to at least get a pity laugh.

Nick Willis

Re-shaped by God

22 Aug | 2016

Running in his fourth Olympics, Nick Willis is well accustomed to carrying the identity of one of the world’s best. But unlike most sporting celebrities, he’s also brutally honest about his shortcomings and struggles.

Spirit of gold

5 Aug | 2016

The runners sped up, heading for the top bend of the track and the home straight. What followed was one of my favourite memories.

Lego bricks

Lessons from Lego

1 Aug | 2016

When his Lego skills left a toddler unimpressed, Jeremy Suisted learnt a difficult lesson in thankfulness. He reflects on the importance of that small word ‘thanks’, and on its extravagant implications in the unseen Kingdom of God.

Welcome at God's party

29 Jul | 2016

I like to think I fly the banner for averagely-achieving mums. Recently, we held our first proper, kids-high-on-candy birthday party.

The Reluctant Prophet - Part 5

22 Jul | 2016

In the final part of this series, Carla Lindsey asks what the book of Jonah is really about … and the answers are bigger than a really big fish.

Defeating the devil

18 Jul | 2016

Actor Tom Ellis of Miranda fame tackles a very different character in TVNZ’s new show Lucifer. As Lucifer Morningstar, he’s a supernatural force in human form, eliciting the deepest, darkest secrets from people … and yet, given time, may evolve into a more moral entity altogether.