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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Creative or copycat?

Creative or copycat?

26 Feb | 2012

How can we be woven in creativity, rather than cultural copycats? Creativity is the ‘imprint of God’ in our lives, says Graham Burt, an expert in creativity.

Alpha Marriage Course

Redecorate your marriage

6 Feb | 2012

Your marriage is far too important to leave to happenstance. But with the investment of a little together time, you can make it a great place to live.

Sleeping puppy

Resolve to be Lazier

10 Jan | 2012

This year, resolve to be more lazy. Instead of gritted teeth and white knuckles, fall into God’s grace.

Little girl playing peek-a-boo


13 Dec | 2011

The truth is that Jesus is looking for you. Has he found you, or are you still in hiding?

Message in a bottle

Lost people found

12 Dec | 2011

Once God felt close, like a friend. But now he seems distant, like a stranger. Because of sin.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard

Jesus Came to Save Us

10 Dec | 2011

‘For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost’ (Luke 19:10)

Child frowing at a broken candy cane

The Christmas Blues

1 Dec | 2011

Jesus came into a season of waiting. Is this Christmas such a season for you?

Flower budding up through ground

Where is God in this Season?

5 Oct | 2011

Mixed with the blood, sweat and tears of life, are droplets of joy. God has something for you in this season.