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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Always about the one

25 Mar | 2017

Well, that’s democracy,’ said TV broadcaster Mike Hosking, with a shrug of his shoulders. That’s what got me—the shrug. It implied that we might not like it, but we better lump it.

Words to live by: Homecoming

18 Mar | 2017

In the second of three reflections, Major Barbara Sampson paints a picture of what it means to come home

It's a Pākehā problem

17 Mar | 2017

When Andrew Judd, the former New Plymouth mayor, came out on national television as ‘a recovering racist’, he hit a collective raw nerve.

Words to live by: Gratitude

2 Mar | 2017

In the first of three reflections, Major Barbara Sampson considers the life-changing, joy-bringing nature of gratitude.

Science vs God

1 Mar | 2017

Dr Amir D. Aczel, author of 17 books on mathematics and science, writes for Time magazine on why science does not disprove God.

Di Willis - Photography: Nick Reed, NZ Herald.

More than able

15 Feb | 2017

‘A church that doesn’t have disabled people in it, is a disabled church,’ says Di Willis, director of Elevate Disability Trust. Di describes herself as ‘very ordinary’, but it’s been an extraordinary life—among extraordinary people.

Putting our faith in social media

2 Feb | 2017

A study into Christian social media habits highlights a few speed bumps, but also plenty of exciting opportunities for creativity in online faith sharing.

Loved not just liked

29 Jan | 2017

I used to see Facebook as a mindless space where people shared photos of their breakfast and other mundane moments. Eight years on, I experience withdrawal if I can’t scroll through my newsfeed many times a day.

All brothers and sisters

27 Jan | 2017

A man imprisoned for his faith is left to die in the snow of Siberia, but is miraculously kept alive. A Christian family escapes after rioters destroy their home … Mike Burrows shares some astounding stories from Christians around the world.