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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Choose life

23 Apr | 2017

Brought up in the heart of US evangelical culture, Shane Claiborne has become a prophet to Christians, calling us back to the teachings of Jesus. On a recent visit to New Zealand, he talked to Ingrid Barratt about adopting a truly holistic pro-life ethic.

In the mud with Jesus: a manifesto

13 Apr | 2017

We begin a series reflecting on the values of The Salvation Army. In this Easter edition of War Cry, we look at what it really means to ‘put Jesus first’, finding ourselves in the mud and the mayhem.

Cuba Mall, Wellington

Who do you want me to notice?

12 Apr | 2017

A few weeks ago, I was reminded of what it means for Jesus to live in our lives today. I was walking along Lambton Quay, praying, ‘God, there are so many people, a sea of faces. What do you see here? Who do you want me to notice?’

a computer keyboard spelling the word restore

Words to live by: Restoration

11 Apr | 2017

In the last of three reflections, Major Barbara Sampson testifies to God’s power to restore.

Always about the one

25 Mar | 2017

Well, that’s democracy,’ said TV broadcaster Mike Hosking, with a shrug of his shoulders. That’s what got me—the shrug. It implied that we might not like it, but we better lump it.

Words to live by: Homecoming

18 Mar | 2017

In the second of three reflections, Major Barbara Sampson paints a picture of what it means to come home

It's a Pākehā problem

17 Mar | 2017

When Andrew Judd, the former New Plymouth mayor, came out on national television as ‘a recovering racist’, he hit a collective raw nerve.

Words to live by: Gratitude

2 Mar | 2017

In the first of three reflections, Major Barbara Sampson considers the life-changing, joy-bringing nature of gratitude.

Science vs God

1 Mar | 2017

Dr Amir D. Aczel, author of 17 books on mathematics and science, writes for Time magazine on why science does not disprove God.