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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

Christmas under construction

23 Dec | 2015

The celebration’s all made up as retired Australian minister Rex Hunt says in his book Cards, Carols and Claus, ‘Christmas is a celebration still under construction.’ And that may be a jolly good thing.

On Christmas Morning

23 Dec | 2015

Contemplation can help even the most pressured recapture the joy of Christmas.

Jesus first

23 Dec | 2015

Some say the heart and soul of modern rugby is in its forward play, but Canterbury Rugby lock forward JJ Manning says having a relationship with Jesus Christ is the true heart and soul of his life.

X marks the spot

22 Dec | 2015

Christmas is a taonga, a treasure for humankind. Some would say the treasure is hidden, buried under tinsel and decorations and obnoxious TV ads and fake Santas. Like all hidden gold, X marks the spot.

The value of Christ's coming

11 Dec | 2015

Barbara Sampson considers the deeper meaning of the Advent season. Part 2 of 3.

The vulnerability of Christ's coming

2 Dec | 2015

Barbara Sampson considers the deeper meaning of the Advent season.

Pray for Paris

30 Nov | 2015

I learnt about the terrorist attacks in Paris through BBC News, but my empathy and disquiet really grew via social media, as I read posts from friends and organisations.

You can stop domestic violence

24 Nov | 2015

On 25 November we mark White Ribbon Day. It’s a campaign where men are being tasked with speaking to other men about ending family violence.

a map of Medo-Persia in ancient times

Seeing the invisible God - Part 5

21 Oct | 2015

God is nowhere and everywhere in the Old Testament book of Esther, says Carla Lindsey.