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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

a map of New Zealand as a flag

Forgotten New Zealand

10 Jul | 2015

A new report looks at how provincial New Zealand is being left behind while our wealth is focused on the cities.

an old lady and young child dressed in superhero outfits

Giving is a heroic act

9 Jul | 2015

Last year, Salvationists raised one million dollars during the Self Denial Appeal. This was the first time that The Salvation Army, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory has achieved this milestone.

a caricature of William Booth published by the British magazine Vanity Fair in November 1882

On a mission from God

1 Jul | 2015

This is Salvation Army founder General William Booth as you’ve perhaps never seen him before.

a salt mine in Romania

Salt & Light in the community

16 Jun | 2015

What difference is the Christian Church making in its communities and the wider world? asks Pam Waugh.

a boy with a wand

Say the magic word

16 Jun | 2015

I love people-watching when I’m out and about. Watching the people around me, seeing how they interact and how different or similar they are to me, subconsciously guessing at what they’re like

spectators watching football

A guard over my mouth

27 May | 2015

We’re seasoned football supporters, so we know the drill: cheer for your child, and don’t be too vocal in your criticism of his team mates, his coach, the officials or the opposition (at least, not until you get home).

Stephen & Alison Blakey

I died twice in one day

13 May | 2015

Stephen Blakey lay dead after suffering a massive heart attack. While doctors tried to revive him, he experienced the tangible presence of God. It left Steve a completely changed man. This is his story, told in his words.

War Cry image from World War 1

Comrades in Arms

14 Apr | 2015

Historian Major Harold Hill considers how The Salvation Army represented Germany in its War Cry publications during the Great War.

Featherston War Memorial

The altar of remembrance

10 Apr | 2015

In almost every New Zealand town, there is a small, almost forgotten patch of land where the war memorial stands. It carries with it a sense of lost years, remaining unchanged while time marches on around it.