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Soul Food

Food for thought and soul including observations and reflective opinion pieces on current issues.

a dad playing with his young son

Am Like My Father?

9 Sep | 2014

You know the Mitre 10 advert talking about the DIY guy versus the guy who pays someone to do it for him? I’m the guy that pays—or rather, I’m the guy that tries to do it himself, makes a massive mess and then asks his mates to help.

Simon Barnett

Sensitive new age bloke

5 Sep | 2014

Simon Barnett is every bit the carey-sharey guy that listeners love to laugh with on his popular nationwide radio show.

a boy and a girl wearing shades

The F Word

29 Aug | 2014

We’re talking about that naughty word ‘feminism,’ of course. Now, I’m not a feminist, but …

a cat asleep on a cushion

Death, Dylan and a cat named Oscar

25 Aug | 2014

Jeremy Suisted asks what Oscar the cat can teach us about dealing with death, and living with life.

Russell Crowe in Gladiator

Are you not entertained?

25 Aug | 2014

In the movie Gladiator, Russell Crowe plays Maximus Meridius who is sold into slavery as a gladiator.

Imperfectly perfect faith - Part 3

18 Aug | 2014

The greatness of our faith is not measured by great successes, but in our so-called ‘failures’, reflects Darren Elkington, in the final of his three-part series.

some people looking quizzical

Imperfectly perfect faith-Part 2

4 Aug | 2014

Darren Elkington examines stories from the New Testament gospels and finds there is no formula for faith—only a powerful God.

author Matthew Vine

God and the gay Christian

25 Jul | 2014

Harold Hill opens the pages of Matthew Vines’ defence of gay Christianity.

TV journalist and producer Tim Wilson

The media is not the enemy

24 Jul | 2014

Media Prayer Day, organised by the Christian Broadcasting Association, is on 10 August. It’s simply a chance for Christians to come together as individuals and communities of faith, to pray for our media.